August – Favorite Custom Dog Bed Designs

It’s time to announce our favorite dog bed designs for the month of August. We aren’t able to post them all so we like to set aside a special little blog posts for our favorites.


1) luxury throne bed large 23″ x 36″ Luxury Throne Bed – This bed is ultra fun with it’s combination variation of Turquoise fabrics, not to mention the ultra plus center
Lucky New Owners: Mandy & her 2 lucky dogs Dakota & Lucy in North Carolina
Fabrics Used:
Inside: White Furry Fleece
Cording: Solid True Turquoise
Top Banding: Zig Zag True Turquoise
Rest of Bed: Lulu True Tuquoise



Small Cuddle Bed. Pink Orange Gray2) 22″ Cuddle Bed – This bed turned out great with it’s clever use of patterns and colors.
Lucky New Owners: Lauren and her lucky dog Callie
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Suzani Vine Sherbet
Inside Bolster: Gotcha Candy Pink
Cording: Solid Orange
Outside Bolster: SeeSaw Sherbet
Bottom Fabric: Towers Sherbet Orange



Medium Cuddle Pig Bed halloween3) 28″ Cuddle Bed – This bed was created with fabrics that were especially requested by the customer and it was themed off Wednesday on the Adam’s family.
Lucky New Owner: Wednesday, a very lucky little pig ūüôā
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Special Customer Request
Cording: Solid Purple
Inside/Outside Bolster: Canopy Black/White
Bottom Fabric: Special Customer Request



XLarge Cuddle Dog Bed

4) 32″ x 40″ Cuddle Bed – This bed was made as a present to give to our customers friend who has a family of 5 Shih tzu. The patterns, color and embroidery work really well together and made for a beautiful bed.
Lucky New Owner: Leo, Penelope, Otis, Lupita, & Annabella
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Rosa Chili Pepper
Inside/Outside Bolster: Zazzle Chili Pepper
Bottom Fabric: Rosa Chili Pepper




Small Cuddle Bed Turquoise Yellow Chartreuse5) 22″ Cuddle Bed – You can’t beat the fun feel of this bed! It would make a statement in any room.
Lucky New Owner: Judy and her lucky new Maltipoo puppy
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Zig Zag True Turquoise
Inside Bolster: Suzani Corn Yellow
Cording: Zig Zag True Turquoise
Outside Bolster: Dandie Dot Chartreuse
Bottom Fabric: Lulu True Turquoise




Medium Cuddle Dog Bed Red Blue Black

5) 28″ Cuddle Bed¬†– This bed features a great combination of colors and patterns.

Lucky New Owner: Liz & her lucky dogs Gordon & Sophia
Fabrics Used:
Inside/Bottom Center: Hartford Carmine
Inside Bolster: Classic Diamond Lipstick
Cording: Solid Black
Outside Bolster: Curtis Regitta