Brand Ambassador Program


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TO BE AN AMBASSADOR, we need you to:

Have one or more of the following:

  1. Active, public Instagram account with at least 250 followers and 3+ posts per week
  2. Active, public TikTok account with at least 250 followers and 3+ posts per week
  3. Active, public Pinterest account with at least 250 followers and 3+ pins per week
  4. Blog focused on dogs, cats, interior design and/or home décor

Please note: This program does not entitle you to a free bed, and it is preferred that you currently own or plan to own a J’adore pet bed in the near future.

Follow us on Instagram @jadorepetbeds
Be at least 18 years of age and located in the U.S.
Capture crisp, professional photos that align with our look and feel
We get a lot of applications and appreciate your interest, but we cannot accept everyone.

Read and agree to our Brand Ambassador Agreement


As a Brand Ambassador, you will be part of our J’adore Family! This means you get access to:

  • Your own personal discount code that you can share with your friends and followers for 10% off their order.
  • 10% commission for all orders your followers place using your unique code
  • A chance to win a $250 Gift Certificate every quarter by participating in our photo contest
  • Opportunities to be featured on our website and social media pages


After submitting your application, we will review it.  If approved, we will respond back within 10 business days. Thank you for your interest in becoming a brand ambassador for J’adore Custom Pet Beds!

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Your account will need to be approved before you can earn Referrals. You’ll receive an email once it’s approved.