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Feedsack Bed Replacement Cover


  • Choose an option
  • XS (20″ x 24″) - $84.99
  • S (24″ x 30″) - $94.99
  • M (24″ x 36″) - $109.99
  • L (32″ x 40″) - $124.99
  • L (36″ x 52″) - $159.99

  • Choose an option
  • Tan Stripe
  • Blue Stripe
  • Tan with Black Stripe
  • Red Stripe


Embroidery Text

Britannic Bold
Brush Script
Calligraph 421 BT Roman
Copperplate Gothic Bold
Curlz MT
Lucida Calligraphy Italic
Stephanie Jane
Times New Roman
Sizing Chart

For Previous Customers Only

This listing is for our valued past customers who are wanting a replacement cover made for their Rectangle Bed. Please select the bed size you previously ordered. If some else ordered the bed for you then please mention their name at checkout. If you ordered a custom size please contact us prior to ordering.

Orders that do not meet this criteria will be canceled.

If Embroidery is selected then it will be placed on the top fabric.  If you’d like their name embroidered on the banding instead then please let us know in the comments section at checkout.

This fabric is a durable heavy weight Reproduction Feed Sack Fabric which features a worn look to give the perfect French country charm. To give this fabric that natural look there may be slight imperfections such as thicker slubs or knots in the fabric. The Stripes run vertically on the top and bottom of the bed and horizontally along the band. The number of stripes showing on the top/bottom of the cover will depend on the pattern and size of bed chosen.