About the Owner

J’adore means to love or to adore, and we love providing our customers the highest quality pet beds on the market.


We are a company dedicated to providing furniture quality custom pet beds at an affordable price with an emphasis on professional craftsmanship, functionality, and style. Each bed is expertly sewn using industrial machines and bonded upholstery thread for superior durability and strength. These beds provide excellent support for even the largest dogs and won’t deform like the cheaper alternatives in big box stores. Our product lines feature channels and zippers for the seat inserts so that you can easily adjust firmness to fit your pet’s needs.


In 2011, I found myself shopping for a dog bed for my little Pomeranian and I realized that many of the beds just didn’t fit my needs. The fabric was often boring and uninspired, the beds themselves were under stuffed, and they lacked the durability that was needed for even my little pup.


With a degree in Interior Design and a lifetime of experience working with my family’s upholstery business, I set about to make a positive change in the world of pet beds. Over the years I have sewed thousands of cushions, designed hundreds of concepts, and worked with countless customers to bring their personalities to life in their interior design. Turning that expertise to the world of animals has truly been amazing. It is fitting that my Pomeranian was the inspiration behind the business itself and my kitten the inspiration behind the name. I was searching for the perfect name for her when I stumbled upon the French contraction J’adore. While I eventually named her Lilly, J’adore captured this passion for pet upholstery perfectly.


While our signature product line is our Custom Cuddle Beds, each of our beds are handcrafted with a removable washable cover and stuffed with the highest quality fiberfill available on the market. Our Custom Cuddle Beds are an original design and our unique approach to pet upholstery has made this propriety pet furniture sought after by pet enthusiasts around the world. This fiberfill is rated to last three times as long as standard fills and when paired with our inserts results in a pet bed that is comfortable, supportive, and durable for dogs of all sizes. Our customers are involved every step of the way and lead us in the selection of size, fabric, and embellishments for their pets. We start with a blank canvas and under the direction of our customers plan out a pattern for a piece of pet furniture that is nothing short of a masterpiece.


We are constantly working on ways to improve our beds and our methods, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and enjoy one of our luxury pet beds in your home today.

Alisa Self – Owner, J’adore Custom Pet Beds

Our Mission

J’adore Custom Pet Beds was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide furniture quality custom pet beds at an affordable price.  We specialize in top quality, luxury beds that both you and your pet will love! Your bed will be handmade to your specifications so it’s completely unique to you. We are trained in the art of custom furniture upholstery and your bed will be sewn to that same high standard. Our beds will provide your loved ones with the support they need while providing you with a stylish, one-of-a-kind bed that can match your décor and personality.


The Quality of Craftsmanship

HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS Professional Craftsmanship

Our boutique standards mean that your pet will always luxuriate in the best bed on the marketplace. By using the highest quality fiberfill, superior support and upholstery-grade materials for enhanced durability and strength you are guaranteed a piece of pet furniture that offers quality both inside and out.

Quality Stuffing

We know that half the equation to having a superbly stuffed pet bed is having the right components. The second half is designing these components to stay in place so that no matter how many times your little furry friend jumps into bed it remains cozy. Our high-quality fiberfill is structured to stay inside channels within the plush seat so that the down-like sensation we are known for doesn’t fade even after many years of rambunctious revelry.

Washable Covers

We know the importance of keeping your home clean and trust us, your pet wants a cozy, clean place to calm down too. Why purchase a boutique pet bed if you can’t keep it in that same tip top shape when it first arrives? That’s precisely why all our beds have removable, washable covers so you can keep them clean and ensure your little prince or princess sleep atop the freshest bedding.

Completely Custom

Your pet has a personality all their own and that personality deserves to be celebrated. We help you celebrate your pet, and your own sense of style, by offering completely customizable beds. Right down to the fabric and thread, you are in control of designing your perfect pet bed. We even offer name embroidery and the ability to provide your own fabrics if you have something really special in mind!

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