Our Top 4 Favorite Cat Games

vcadmin | September 14, 2017


Cats are known as connoisseurs of comfort. It’s no wonder, considering that according to PetMd they sleep an average of fifteen hours a day, and some cats can sleep up to twenty hours in a twenty-four hour period. Don’t you wish some days you could get that much sleep? We do too!

But even with all that snoozing, they do need some fun play time before they head off to sleep in their comfy bed. Here are a few of our favorite activities to play with your feline friends.

#1 – Go digital with the Cat Fishing mobile app.

We had to see this one to believe it, but trust us – it really works! This incredibly inventive app from Friskies (yes, that cat food maker) puts fish on a screen and the goal is for your cat to tap them with their paw and gain points.

Clearly your cat could care less about their score – but it’s still an incredibly fun time. We’ve seen some cats be incredibly engaged with the app and some only mildly interested. Give it a try and see which works best.

For best use, we recommend laying your mobile device on a flat surface so that your cat can clearly see it.

Click here to learn more and to download the app from the iTunes App Store. The video below shows footage of cats in action!

#2 – A game of fetch.

Most people associate fetch with dogs – but cats love this game too! Take a toy mouse or cat ball and when you have your kitty’s attention – give it a throw. Some kitties can even be trained to bring it back to you, especially when they know that doing so means you’ll throw it again. And just like our canine friends, your cat will let you know when the game is done and it’s time for a cat nap.

#3 – Feathers on a stick.

Cats are just mesmerized by fancy, shiny things – aren’t they? And feathers on a stick certainly do the trick! Twist and turn it, swing it up and down, dramatically plop it on the floor from left to right. It’s endless fun for your cat! For extra bonus points, see if you can get your kitty to do jumps. And of course get someone to take photographic evidence and tag us on Instagram (@adorepetbeds). We love seeing your pets!

#4 – Whose hand is that?!

This may be the oldest game in the cat playbook, but it’s amazing how effective it still is. Put your hand under a blanket on your bed or sofa and move it all around. Your cat will love chasing it, pouncing on it and eventually finding the target. But of course be careful and maybe wear gloves. Cats show no restraint when it comes to this game. The claws are out!

After a wonderful day – or shall we say 30 minutes – of play, it’s easy to understand why cats need so much beauty sleep and instantly head for their cat bed. That’s a lot of hard work!