7 Ways to Keep Your Pup Active This Summer

vcadmin | July 20, 2017


Whether your dog is a pup or a senior, one thing they all need is activity. It helps keep their adventurous spirit intact and when it comes to puppies, it can help decrease their love for destroying things. Who has time to chew, chew, chew when you’re just plum exhausted? All they are thinking about is finding their cozy bed to snuggle up in and catch a few zzz’s!

Here are a few things you can do with your pup active during those long dog days of summer.

But before we do – one thing we can’t stress enough during summer! If you’re playing outdoors with your pup, do it in very limited bursts. And primarily during early morning and late evening. It’s hot and pups can overheat quickly. While it’s important to keep your dog entertained and active, be sure to keep safe too.

1. Go for a walk.

Just like us humans, dogs love getting outdoors and having a change of scenery. Also incredibly exciting for them – all the new scents. Whether it’s a freshly cut lawn or someone grilling down the street or your neighbor’s dog Lucy, everything is new and exciting! Taking a quick walk with your dog is good for them and for you – both for exercise and for bonding time.

Walking Tip: Be sure to keep your pup’s paws off the hot pavement. Try to find areas where they can walk on grass.

2. Let’s play ball.

This is a great game that can be played outdoors – or if your home permits, indoors! One of our favorite pastimes is also that of our pet pooches … ball! Throw a tennis ball and your dog will bring it back time and time again for endless fun.

3. Go to the dog park.

What better way to socialize than a quick trip to the dog park? Say a quick hello to the other dogs, do some quick sniffing of the land, a run here and there. It’s all in a day’s fun!

Dog Park Tip: Be sure your pet is current on all vaccinations before heading to the dog park. Parks handled by cities require this and if you’re not in compliance you will be fined. But more importantly, outside of always staying on top of your rabies vaccinations – staying on top of things like bordetella will prevent your dog from catching kennel cough from other pups in general areas, including dog parks.

4. Frisbee, Frisbee, Frisbee!

Has your dog ever played Frisbee? If not, give it a try. It takes the fun of playing fetch with a ball and ups the game play a level. But be forewarned – there’s something about a Frisbee that some dogs just don’t want to bring them back! Not that we blame them one bit. 🙂

5. Go for a ride in the car.

Does anything get a dog more excited than the jingle of car keys? If you’re running an errand – like a quick trip to the bank – bring your pup with you! They’ll love the time with you and the new scenery.

Dogs in Car Fact: It of course goes without saying to never, ever leave your dogs in the car. Even just a moment to run into the drugstore to pick up a prescription can have devastating consequences. If you won’t be in the car with your dog at all times, just let your pup at home.

6. Play tug of war.

Another fun game you can play indoors where it’s nice and cool! Get on the floor with your dog’s favorite chew toy. If you have a rope toy, even better! The aim of the game is to play tug of war with your pup – you holding on to one end and your dog with a tight grip on the other. See who can win … and who gets exhausted first!

7. Play a game of chase.

A sure-fire way to end the day in happy and exhausted sleep is a game of chase around the house. Playfully chase your dog from room to room – they’ll love it! Some dogs love being the one who is being chased and others enjoy being the chaser. Whichever works best!

At the end of a wonderful, playful day – you’ll have a dog who is ready to conk out in their pet bed and likely dream of all the activities you spent the day doing.