Tips to keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving

vcadmin | July 9, 2014


As we all know our pets, especially our dogs, love to eat people food and saying “no” to them can be hard. So here are a few tips to keep your pet safe this season so you can save yourself the worry of having to take your pet to the vet.

thanksgiving-dog-dinner1. Turkey Bones
Even though they seem like a somewhat harmless thing to feed your dog they are not. They can splinter in your pets throat, stomach or even intestines and cause serious complications. Instead try feeding a small piece of turkey that is free of any bone or skin and preferably white meat. This is easier and safer for them to digest and in small portions is just like giving them a special little treat.

2. Chocolate
This is one many of us already know that we should not feed our pets chocolate and would never do intentionally. But, what about your guest or kids who might leave their chocolate on a chair or on the edge of the counter? Some dogs are very tricky and will find a way to get it. I once had a cat who had a thing for chocolate and no matter where I put it he would get into it, until finally I had to hide it away in a jar. So be mindful to keep an eye out that your chocolate is not within reach of your beloved pet.

3. The Door
This is an easy one to forget but a quick way to ruin the holiday. When opening the door and coming in the house we may know that our dog loves to run out from time to time so we keep an eye out. But when our guest come over they may be coming through the door with their hands full and no clue that your dog loves to make a quick escape. So it’s always wise to either lock your dog up temporarily until all the guest arrive or keep a close on them. I don’t know about you but that would ruin my Thanksgiving if my little dog got out the door and even worse got lost or hit by a car. So keep an eye out on that door!

4. The Family
So we may have all eggs in a basket and know what to feed and not to feed our pets, your family or guest may not. They see this big beautiful hungry eyes looking at them begging for food and they just can’t resist giving your pet a little bite to eat. Even worse yet your pet may make there way around the table getting scrap after scrap of things they should not eat. So it is just as important to not only keep an eye on your pet but also your family!

5. The Counter
After the dinner and after everyone has left many times we are left with a mess which is easier to say I’ll mess with later than to conquer right then. But for our four legged friends who can get access to the counter this can be very dangerous and a free for all of foods they shouldn’t be eating. So at the very least, if your tired, get the food rinsed off the plates and put away so you can get rid of that temptation and danger.

6. Holiday Plants
We all love to decorate for the holiday but did you know that Poinsettias, holly berries, mistletoes and cedar Christmas trees were toxic to your dog? Well if you didn’t, now you know. So try to keep these plant away from your pets.

Have a Wonderful & Safe Thanksgiving!