Scissors to good to be true!

vcadmin | February 2, 2015

scissorsSo from time to time when your out and about you find something that is to good to be true.  This pair of gold scissors happened to be one of them.   What makes it’s even more timely is, it’s just in time for the grand opening of our new J’adore Custom Pet Beds workroom which was officially completed on Thursday.

So a little about the picture.  The black scissors in the picture are our industry grade 10″ sheers which almost look microscopic next to the giant gold scissors.  So can you guess just how big the gold scissors are?

Hint: They weigh 10lbs and are made of solid metal.


They are a whopping 35″ long x 10-1/2″wide and not only that they are sharp!  I could actually cut something with these.


So keep your eye out for the upcoming pictures of our beautiful new workroom, aka “The Creation Station”.  It has that WOW factor which was inspired by the fun and bright fabrics of our beds.