Reasons to Get a Custom Made J’adore Square Pet Bed for Your Furry Friend

vcadmin | March 16, 2018


Dogs and cats are renowned for their ability to find the craziest places to sleep. Whether it is sprawled out on the floor by the air conditioner or curled tightly within the basin of the bathroom sink, our animal friends seem to find rest in places we’d never think to consider ourselves. However, this doesn’t mean that our pets don’t enjoy basic creature comforts as well, such as having their very own. What better way to celebrate upcoming National Puppy Day (March 23rd) or Respect Your Cat Day (March 28th) than with a new custom square pet bed from J’adore, made especially for your special furry member of the family?

How Pet Beds Help Keep Your Pal Comfy – and Your Home Clean

Cats and dogs alike are creatures of habit that appreciate having a place to call their own. By providing your pet with their own bed, you are acknowledging the fact that your companion needs a private area where he or she can feel safe, preferably out of the way of the usual household busyness. This private area will improve your pet’s overall sense of security and well-being, while also giving them a comfortable place to rest their paws.

Your dog or cat won’t be the only ones to benefit from having their own bed, however. If you’re like many owners who love their pets, but not necessarily the fur that they shed, you’ll be relieved to know that providing a bed for your furry friend is a great way to contain the shedding to “their” space. It’s better than having the hair spread wherever they may lie around the house. The same goes for dirt and allergy-causing pet dander, meaning that your new pet bed might be a fantastic solution to the age-old problem of keeping the house clean when you have animals around.

Creating Your Pet’s Perfect Space with a J’adore Square Pet Bed

Choosing the right pet bed for that special dog or cat in your life is an important decision. With a wide range of choices available, you may not be sure which type of bed will best suit your companion. At J’adore, we try to make this decision simple by allowing you to design your own bed, customizing it to fit your pet’s needs and personality, as well as your own.

Our custom-made square pet beds are a classic favorite made from furniture-grade upholstery to ensure your pet’s utmost comfort. Unlike many pet beds, our square pet bed can be flipped to reveal a new look, or to simply extend the life of your dog or cat’s bed.

You can use our interactive design tool to select the fabrics and colors you like, along with any add-ons you’d want, such as your pet’s name embroidered in the middle or a waterproof cover. If you’d like some design assistance, we’re happy to provide suggestions as well, along with providing several semi-custom beds in some of our more popular color and fabric combinations. All custom-made beds are made ready to ship in 2-4 weeks guaranteed, while our pre-designed beds ship in 1-3 weeks after we receive your order. Have a great idea for a custom bed using a fabric, size or customization option you don’t see on our site? Be sure to contact us, and we’d be happy to work with you to help make it happen!

Isn’t it time you treated your four-legged companion to their own private space to unwind and relax? Show them how much you care with a new one-of-a-kind custom pet bed that the two of you are sure to love and appreciate for years to come.