Find Your Next Best Friend and Treat Them to a Custom Pet Bed

vcadmin | October 11, 2018


Most of us associate October with brisk fall weather, shorter days and the spooky fun of Halloween. But did you know that October is also National Adopt a Dog Month?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Humane Association (AHA) have both established this month as a time to focus on the urgent need for people to adopt shelter dogs and other pets, and on the many reasons why adopting a homeless pet may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Here are some more facts about shelter dogs and other pets in the United States, and how you can make a newly adopted pet feel at home with a brand new custom pet bed of their own.

Why Homeless Dogs and Cats Need Our Help

According to the ASPCA, over six million pets wind up in animal shelters across the United States each year, for a variety of reasons. Of these, roughly half of these animals are dogs. While the number of pets entering shelters has declined since 2011, there is no denying the fact that at any given time there are thousands of pets in need of loving homes in every state in the nation.

Many U.S. animal shelters are full to the brink and understaffed, which is why over a million cats and dogs are euthanized annually—a tragedy that many animal rescue organizations agree could be prevented by more people taking the time to ‘adopt, not shop’ for their next four-legged friend. In fact, an overall increase in adoptions in recent years is believed to be at least partially responsible for declining euthanasia rates in shelters across the country. With any luck, this is a trend that will only continue to grow, until all pets have a safe and loving home.

The Benefits of Adopting Pets

Animals just seem to know when they’ve been given a second chance and are now in the safety of a loving home. Withdrawn and seemingly depressed dogs and cats often emerge from their shells and gain confidence with a little patience and loving attention. These before and after photos are amazing evidence of just how much pets seem to blossom after they leave the shelter!

When you adopt a new dog or cat from an animal shelter, you may not realize that the animals aren’t the only ones who benefit. There are also many ways that adopted animals help their owners lead happier, healthier lives too. Your new dog or cat will shower you with unconditional love and affection each day for the rest of his or her life, giving you plenty of reasons to smile. The joys of pet ownership will also help to relieve your stress, encourage you to be more physically active, and could even lower your blood pressure. It’s easy to see why, paws down, adopting a pet is one of life’s greatest win-win situations.

How to Help Your New Pet Feel at Home with a New Custom Pet Bed

Making the transition from a life on the streets or at a shelter to your home is a big change for any adopted pet. Wouldn’t you like to help them feel more comfortable and welcomed? Dogs and cats both appreciate having a place of their own as their personal ‘den’. A custom pet bed from J’adore, like our ever-popular Cuddle Pet Bed or luxurious Throne Pet Bed, is a fantastic way you can help your new furry friend feel right at home. Best of all, you’ll be able to design the way your pet’s bed looks down to the choice of fabric and any extras, including the ability to custom embroider your adopted pal’s name. It’s just one more way you can let your new dog or cat know you care!

Would you like to learn more before you buy? Be sure to contact J’adore with any questions you may have, and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting the perfect gift for your beloved pet.