Praising the Pawsitive: 3 Ways to Encourage Good Doggy Behavior

vcadmin | April 24, 2019

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We know every dog is a good boy or a good girl! Some pups just need a bit of encouragement. From chewing to zoomies, there’s no behavior that a little patience, love, and care can’t fix. Consider these 3 ways to encourage good doggy behavior. The answer to “who’s a good boy?” might be closer than you think!

Keep It Fun

Much like busy toddlers, it’s easy for dogs to lose interest in obedience training. Dull exercises can feel like a chore for both you and your canine companion. Mix up the mundane by incorporating play into manners!

Instead of using treats, encourage your dog’s good behavior by using his or her favorite toys. Many owners tend to overload on snacks during obedience training. This can quickly add extra fluff to your best friend’s physique! Active play promotes health, exercise, and bonding. Have dogs sit before tossing the ball. Use a squeaky toy to teach your dog to roll over. Make playtime a teachable moment by having your dog bring you his or her toys, “leave it” when asked, and respond to your voice.

New puppy? Playtime is the perfect time to get to know your new friend. Not only will your pup learn important social skills, but playtime is a great opportunity to teach appropriate rough housing skills. Puppies learn to test out their bite strength on toys. When pups get too mouthy, it’s important to redirect and correct this behavior by immediately withdrawing your attention. Remove the toy if your furbaby is becoming too aggressive and ignore them (we know, this hurts all parents!). Once your pup has calmed down, return to playtime. This will teach your dog to associate good behaviors with positive reinforcement.

Get into a playtime routine! Your dog will look forward to their favorite part of the day. Best of all, this is a great way to eliminate boredom chewing by establishing a set time for rough housing.

Treat and Repeat

Patience is key when it comes to obedience training. Even the smartest dogs require consistency and repetition. This does not mean yelling your dog’s name over and over again to the groans of everyone else at the dog park, however! Avoid repeating verbal commands more than twice. Instead, give your dog a hand signal to associate with the command. Continue this practice and be prepared to maintain and refresh throughout the entirety of your dog’s life. Even old dogs can learn new tricks!

For new dogs or those still learning the basics, set aside 20 minutes per day for dedicated obedience time. This practice is helpful for even the most well behaved pups. Not only is reinforcement critical, but adding new commands to your dog’s repertoire is a great way to keep their brains active and their curiosity stimulated.

Creating Calm

Every dog needs a calm, safe space when it’s time to wind down. Many puppies and dogs benefit from crate training. It’s important not to misunderstand the methodology behind crate training. Your pup’s crate should NEVER be used as punishment. Rather, crate training mimics a dog’s natural instinct to retreat to his or her den. Your little pup needs a designated place to relax!

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