Pets Love Customizable J’adore Rectangle Pet Beds

vcadmin | April 19, 2018


We all know dogs and cats love to sleep. While canines tend to clock in around 12 hours of sleep daily, our feline friends are far lazier, spending up to 16 hours taking cat naps throughout the day. And as most pet owners know, there are few things more endearing than seeing a cat or dog napping comfortably.

Because your pet is likely to spend up to two-thirds of their life in dreamland, it makes sense to give them a place of their own to rest with ease. A rectangle bed from J’adore is one of the best ways you can pamper your pet and give them a stylish and comfortable place they can call their own.

Why You Should Give Your Dog or Cat a Custom Pet Bed of Their Own

While many pet owners admit to sharing the bed with their pets (perhaps nearly three-quarters of cat and dog owners in the U.S. do, according to surveys), this is not necessarily the best place for Fido or Fluffy to spend the night. And even if you can’t bear to think of sleeping away from your four-legged friend, there are still many hours during the day when your cat or dog may want to sleep in a place that is unquestionably ‘theirs.’

As territorial creatures, dogs, and cats both like having personal space they can claim for themselves and rest comfortably. While many pets are happy to choose the kitchen floor or the laundry hamper as their place to sprawl, you may not appreciate their decision, and it may not be the safest or even the most comfortable place for them to lie, especially if you have older pets with conditions such as arthritis.

Giving your cat or dog a warm and comfortable place to lie is an important part of pet ownership. By choosing a rectangle bed from J’adore, you will be providing your pet with a plush, cushioned surface they can rest their joints and bones that is well insulated from cold floors in winter or hot surfaces during the summer. You will also help keep your home tidier, as pet beds help concentrate animal odors, dander and shed hair to a specific location in the house.

When you get a customizable pet bed, such as the high-quality rectangle pet beds produced by J’adore, you will be able to choose up to four different fabrics and other finishing touches to ensure that the product matches your pet’s unique personality. It’s just one other way you can truly ensure your pet’s bed is a place that is meant just for them.

Reasons to Choose a Custom Rectangle Pet Bed for Your Furry Friend

While all custom pet beds from J’adore are made from the highest quality materials and are built to last, many pet parents agree that the rectangle pet bed is a wonderful re-imagining of the classic pet bed. While featuring a traditional design, you can design your pet bed to be as unconventional as you desire.

Each rectangle pet bed features a removable cover and is reversible, allowing you to keep your pet’s bed cleaner for longer. If you want to extend the time between washes, all you have to do is reverse the cover to present a fresh, clean side. Serged seams help protect against fraying, while our upholstery-grade zippers are made to last for years of use and easy access, allowing you to adjust the amount of fiberfill within as necessary. Our beds come heavily stuffed to ensure durability and your pet’s comfort.

If you have any questions about designing your own pet bed or if you would like to learn more about what goes into our rectangle pet beds, feel free to contact J’adore at any time. We are happy to work with you to design the ultimate sleep sanctuary for a special cat or dog in your home.