Why Your Pet Will Love a J’adore Throne Pet Bed

vcadmin | May 10, 2018

HerbertSeymour x

Do you treat your pet like royalty? Of course, you do – because that’s how amazing and special our furry friends are. They may drive us crazy sometimes, but they also make us laugh, touch our hearts, and loyally stay by our sides through thick and thin without ever judging us for having a bad hair day, eating too much ice cream, or watching terrible movies that make us ugly-cry. Mostly, our pets make our lives brighter every day, and they deserve to be treated like kings and queens.

Because your pet deserves nothing less than the very best, why not treat them to the very best custom pet bed? Dogs and cats spend a considerable percentage of their time asleep (cats more than dogs, but who’s counting?). At J’adore, we offer the perfect option for the regal pup or kitty in your life: Our Luxury Throne bed. This custom pet bed has all the great features that make a pet bed great.

Throne Features

The Luxury Throne allows you to choose up to four fabrics for a fully customizable experience. This flexibility will enable you to create exactly the look you want so that your pet bed matches your décor, your pet’s personality, or whatever criteria you want to fill when designing the perfect pet bed. We offer tons of varied materials to choose from, and you get to pick your favorite colors and patterns for the silky fur in the middle of the bed, the top bolster, the cording, and the outside fabric.

The Throne’s exceptional construction makes it sturdy, long-lasting, and exquisitely comfortable. Its structured sides help it hold its shape night after night while the soft, “furry” center makes it warm, soft, and the perfect place to curl up for a nap or a long night’s sleep. Your custom pet bed will be stuffed full of fiberfill and ultra-soft fleece for an unbeatably relaxing and soothing place to rest.

Another great thing about the Throne custom pet bed is that the cover is fully washable. Just unzip, remove, and toss into the wash. The zipper runs along all four sides on the bottom of the bed, making removing the cover nearly effortless. If you’ve had a pet bed in the past that didn’t include a washable cover, you know how important this feature is. Don’t worry about shedding, drooling, or muddy paws – just wash the Throne’s cover to restore it to good-as-new condition.

The J’adore Difference

When it comes to your pet, only the best will do. We understand that because we’re pet lovers ourselves. Our pets make our lives so much fuller and happier, and we love treating them to the good things they deserve.

That’s why we design our pet beds with comfort, functionality, and durability in mind. The Throne’s heavy weight shows its quality and amount of filling, while serged seams protect against fraying. Every fabric we offer, from cotton and polyester to cotton/rayon blends and solution-dyed acrylic, is washable to keep your pet bed at its best. We use industrial sewing machines, upholstery-grade zippers, bonded nylon thread, and more to ensure that your pet bed is fit for royalty.

The J’adore Throne is indeed a fantastic piece of furniture your dog or cat will love sleeping in for years to come. It’s especially enjoyable in the colder winter months because of the luxurious “fur” covering in the middle, keeping your dog or cat incredibly warm and cuddly. However, our breathable fabrics and soft, comfortable design make all our beds suitable for year-round use. Make your pet feel like the regal creature they are with a Luxury Throne custom dog bed or custom cat bed from J’adore.