Why Your Pet and You Will Love a J’adore Round Pet Bed

vcadmin | February 15, 2018

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It’s wonderful to see your cat or dog snoozing or sound asleep. Your pets take their ultra-long naps in your home because here, they feel comfortable and safe. As a pet owner, you want to treat your feline or canine friend well, giving them good food, playing with them, and offering them a cozy home.

Opinions differ whether you should allow your pet to sleep with you in your bed. Your sleep quality and hygiene may be in jeopardy, but on the other hand, the bond with your pet grows tighter. Even if you “co-sleep” with your cat or dog, consider buying them a pet bed. Your own bed may be ever so comfortable, your pet may be very clean, and you may wash your blankets every week. Still, your pet is a social creature. It likes to be where you are.

Place a bed for them where you are active during the day. Whether this is your living room, your office, or your garden shed it doesn’t make a difference for your four-footed companion. They may need a moment to get accustomed to their pet bed and its environment, but they’ll love a private space which enhances their sense of security.

A choice between eight models

Do browse our web-shop to choose a model which suits both your pet and you. Consider that many factors which play a role in the choice of a bed for yourself, apply to pet beds too. All J’adore pet beds are amply stuffed with fiberfill, providing your pet uniform support. They don’t sag or lose shape, and they offer excellent insulation and ventilation. Also, the upholstery is pre-washed breathable cotton or a polyester material which doesn’t retain odors, which is flea-resistant and mite-resistant, and which also withstands scratching and clawing.

The Cuddle bed and the luxurious Throne bed are our most popular models. Our Round beds, however, are excellent too, offering a lot of freedom for movement in any direction. If your dog likes to sprawl out, or if your cat feels most comfortable curling up, then a round pet bed is the choice to make.

Scientists and vets are yet uncertain whether the form of a pet bed makes a difference to pets. In 2014, cat owners around the world experimented by forming circles on the floor to trap their pet inside. Some cats do seem to find circles and spirals intriguing. Dogs too, do many things in a circle before lying down, before you throw the ball, or before “potty time.”

The most important advantage of a round pet bed for you as a caring pet owner is clear: thanks to the shape, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any fur, hair or sand sticking in any corners. This bed is extremely easy to clean!

The same high-quality characteristics as other J’adore pet beds

Just like all our beds, the round model is handcrafted and made in the USA. You can choose up to five sizes, and a multitude of fashionable designs are at your disposal. Whether your interior is modern, retro, romantic, or Feng Shui, you are bound to find a design to complement your floor, furniture, and drapes. Our round pet beds are 180 degrees flippable too, providing a different look if you want a change of scenery.

Experiment with our user-friendly interactive design tool to create your ideal pet bed, or order one of our pre-designed or ready-to-ship pet beds. If you’re out of ideas, or if you need any advice, do not hesitate to ask. Just like you, we love pets, and together with you, we’re sure to find the best possible sleep nest for them.