What Makes a Dog or Cat Bed High Quality?

vcadmin | October 5, 2015

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You’ve narrowed your search down to two beds. Both look the same based on pictures and descriptions. One costs less than the other, but they both say they are high quality. Which one do you pick?

Pet beds come in many shapes and sizes, are made with varying degrees of quality. How do you know if the bed you want is truly high quality? At J’adore, we feel it is extremely important that you understand what makes our pet beds high quality both inside and out. We also want to arm you with what to look for when making your next pet bed purchase.

We’ve listed six reasons why our beds are high quality, and what sets our beds apart from the competition:



This is by far one of the most important aspects of a high quality pet bed. Without quality fiberfill stuffing, the bed is no more than a pretty piece of fabric lacking the necessary support. We use the highest quality fiberfill available on the market; rated to last up to 3x longer than standard fiberfill! It’s considered a down alternative, offering great support, so much so that you won’t find this in average or mid-level furniture; only top-tier, designer furniture. Your pet will be sleeping in ultimate luxury.

We don’t skimp on fiberfill either! We stuff each bolster so it’s extra firm to offer head support for your pet. The seat is stuffed so it’s the best of both worlds: supportive and comfortable.

high quality stuffing
seat brick test
Brick Test Bolster


To illustrate how supportive our beds really are we conducted an 8 1/2 pound brick test to prove how our beds won’t cave under the pressure! By passing the test, you will know that our bolsters are firm and will support your pet’s head if they want a special perch and that our seats offer wonderful support.




attention to detailNothing clearly illustrates poor, craft quality beds more than those with patterns that don’t match or aren’t centered. We always pattern match and center our beds to make sure the fabrics match up beautifully, including the placement of the embroidery to take your bed from just being a bed to being a piece of art.







Will the bed be made with upholstery grade zippers and superior bonded thread? We use the same zippers and thread as custom upholstery to hold up to tough situations. Our thread is thick and used in commercial machines. Thin thread with very close stitches is commonplace with craft products, is weaker and does not have the same durability as bonded thread.  We also use thread and zippers that coordinate with the colors of the fabrics we are working with for that extra designer touch.





Seams can tell you a lot about the quality of a pet bed. Are they crisp, clean and polished with serged edges? Serging prevents the fabric from fraying in the wash. Will the fabrics have wrinkles sewn in? Will the cording/piping come wrinkled or floppy? Crisp, professional sewing will set a high quality bed apart from the others and can to take a bed from being just a bed to being a piece of art.





All of our beds feature removable, washable bed covers are made with 100% cotton fabrics that offer the most color and pattern options. Another important feature is that our fabrics are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage of the cover after going through the wash.




embroideryThis is one of the extra perks of ordering a custom bed, you get to personalize it with your pet’s name. We use a professional embroidery machine to make absolutely beautiful embroidery. Each letter is knotted off and we use a permanent stabilizer to make the embroidery extra strong. We also have a large selection of embroidery thread available so we can match practically any color.