Dog-Friendly Outdoor Activities You and Your Pet Will Love

vcadmin | March 8, 2018

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Spring is just around the corner, and for many people, this means planning and looking forward to a year filled with busy outdoor activities. Our pets are also likely looking forward to enjoying the sun and fresh air after having spent perhaps several months indoors. Just like their owners, dogs can start to feel a bit stir crazy, especially if their exercise needs have not been met.

With March containing two dog-inspired holidays, namely K-9 Veterans Day on March 13 and National Puppy Day on the 23rd, now is the perfect time to plan on doing some fun and exciting outdoor activities with your favorite canine pal. Here’s some inspiration to help you get started, along with some ways to help your pampered pooch unwind at the end of a busy day.

Fun for Dog Breeds of All Shapes and Sizes

Dogs love the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that as soon as the weather begins to warm our four-legged friends may start to nudge us for longer walks or more time spent at the park. Yet even if you’re naturally a homebody, it’s probably a good idea to heed nature’s call and consider a few outdoor activities to get both you and your dog out of the house.

Off-leash dog parks are an excellent choice for many dogs and their owners. These can be found in most urban and suburban areas and are often separated out into sections for small or shy dogs, as well as having big open areas for large breed and active dogs. Off-leash dog parks provide excellent socialization opportunities for dogs, and potentially for their owners as well, allowing pet parents to mingle while their dogs enjoy chasing each other or playing fetch.

If you’d like to head out of the city, hitting the trails for a hike is another fun activity many dogs enjoy. If your dog loves car rides, you could consider making a day trip out of it, or even take your dog along for a camping trip. The great outdoors is filled with unique scents and sounds to tantalize and please your dogs’ senses. Just make sure you keep your dog on-leash always and observe any pet restrictions found at some parks.

When choosing outdoor activities, it may also be helpful to consider your dog’s breed and their natural inclinations. For example, Labrador and golden retrievers bred to flush out ducks from hiding and to retrieve them from water tend to adore time spent swimming or chasing sticks, while herding dogs such as border collies enjoy having opportunities to display their exceptional agility and stamina. Be ready to experiment, however—you may be surprised by what your dog’s favorite outdoor activities may be!

A Cozy End to the Day’s Busy Activities with Custom Dog Beds from J’adore

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Whatever you choose to pamper your tired companion with at the end of a long day, you can feel confident knowing that you have provided them with the very best. With how much love our dogs give us, we know that they deserve no less. If you have more questions about how J’adore can help your pet feel cozy after a busy day spent outdoors, feel free to contact us for more information.