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vcadmin | April 26, 2017

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Fashion-forward thinkers know there’s no real comparison to be made between something bought “off the rack” usually applies to things humans wear, like dresses and pants, the same can be said of pet beds. After all, just as humans aren’t “one size fits all,” neither are dogs and cats. So, for pet owners who want to rest assured that their pet is sleeping in designer comfort, J’adore Pet Beds offers the ultimate in pet furniture. Whether our customers purchase a pre-made bed for their cat or dog or want to design their own, J’adore pet beds offer pets and their owners the best of everything.

  • It’s our options that put J’adore pet beds a paw and a tail above our competition. Big chain pet stores offer perfectly fine products for any dog or cat, but they don’t offer the options that J’adore does. J’adore beds are ideal for pets who want to sit not just on their owner’s laps, but in the lap of luxury. We know our fashionable fabrics and delightful designs are sure to suit anyone with an eye for beauty and comfort, be they human or animal. And J’adore’s beds can be made with or without a removable cushion, an optional bolster, or waterproof inserts, because we know no two dogs, cats, or owners are alike.
  • Shape is another way in which J’adore pet beds consistently take Best in Show. Every pet is different, with his or her own unique personality and needs. Some dogs prefer to curl up in a round bed; some cats like a square or rectangle to lounge across, and vice versa. But truly unique pet beds are so much more than shape. Comfort is what pets truly want.
  • Any pet bed you buy from a big box retailer will have been manufactured to certain design specifications, but J’adore pet beds are designed from the ground up, whether by customers who choose the Design a Bed option, or by us. J’adore offers unique and special shapes, fabrics, and sizes—and even the font we use to embroider your pet’s name, if you want. And because we know our customers love to follow the trends just like their canine and feline companions like to follow their noses, J’adore offers reversible bed covers on many of our styles, for when you or your faithful friend need a change of pace.
  • While just about any bed for a dog or cat will be of fine quality, J’adore’s pet furniture is packed full of the highest quality fiberfill. Rated to last three times longer than most pet bedding, our fiberfill also maintains a downy feel and is extra snuggly. We also put inserts into our beds so that your dog or cat will be supported as they snooze. J’adore pet bed covers are also fully removable and washable. J’adore pet beds are made by hand to your individual specifications. The product you receive will be entirely unique—crafted by us, for you and your unique companion.

Handcrafted in the USA, J’adore pet beds will suit anyone, human or animal.

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