Choosing the Best Custom Pet Bed for Your Big or Little Dog

vcadmin | November 16, 2017

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If you have a dog, you’re aware that our furry friends can sleep in some very strange positions and places. If you pay attention, though, you might uncover some clues as to what type of bed your pet prefers based on the way he sleeps. Does your dog tend to sleep in your recliner, or are you more likely to find him on your bed with his head on the pillow? Taking your cue from your dog, you can find the perfect fit for him when it comes to choosing a bed.

Nestling Beds

If you often return home to find your dog asleep on the sofa snuggled up against the back pillows with his head on the arm, or curled up in a cushiony recliner, then he would probably be most comfortable in a nestling bed. These wonderfully comfy beds are pillowy clouds of comfort with higher walls and supportive sides for your pup to rest his head. Check out our Cuddle, Cozy Cuddle, or Throne Pet Bed for a super soft nest your best friend will love.

Lounging Beds

Does your dog love to sleep on your bed, maybe even on his back? If so, a lounging bed may be perfect for him. Loungers make awesomely soft and roomy places for your dog to crash. If you have a pup who loves sprawling on his back, a lounger such as our Rectangle, Square, Round, or Edgy Pet Bed with a Fiberfill insert will give him the room he needs to stretch out with lots of supportive cushioning.

Supportive beds

If your dog comes in after playing outside for a while and flops down on the first soft and cushioned spot he finds, he may need lots of support. Dogs who love more supportive beds tend to sleep on their belly or sides with their legs either sticking out, stretched out straight behind them, or tucked in. These dogs have simple needs; they just need a spot to call their own and a comfortable bed that provides cushioning and support for their tired joints. Our Pillow Pet Bed provides nice soft protection against a hard floor. All you need to do is simply choose the fabric that best complements your existing décor and the size your dog needs.

Picking the Perfect Bed

When it comes to picking out the perfect custom dog bed, we understand how important it is for each customer to be able to find a bed that fits their home, their dog’s needs, and their budget. That’s why we make our pet beds with the highest standards of quality to ensure that they are long-lasting and durable. A good-quality custom dog bed or custom cat bed is an excellent investment when you consider how often you must replace lower-quality discount beds. We offer a range of beds to suit any need – all with the same outstanding quality you expect from J’adore.

Whichever bed you choose, you’re sure to end up with one that you and your dog will love for years to come. Many of our beds are reversible and flippable to offer a new look in seconds. We also make every bed with upholstery-grade materials and pre-washed fabric to prevent shrinking when washed. Use our design tool to create a truly custom pet bed, or choose from our excellent pre-designed line – either way, you’ll love the J’adore difference.