5 Reasons a Good Walk Keeps Pets Happy and Healthy

vcadmin | January 11, 2018

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After too much time spent cooped up inside or at a desk working, it’s only natural for a person to need some release.  For the human population, there are plenty of ways to expend excess energy, such as a trip to the gym or even an energetic bout of housecleaning.

Unfortunately, people sometimes forget that our pets need exercise just like we do.  While dog owners will walk their pet so they can do their business, they might not give them enough time to enjoy their walk and expend that excess energy.  Cat owners often overlook the fact that cats can be walked altogether, preferring to leave them to their own devices indoors.  However, walking a cat is an excellent way to promote healthy exercise.

January is Walk Your Pet Month, so here are some reasons you may want to pick up some new gear and work out a new walking routine for your furry friends.

1. It Promotes Weight Loss – As is the case with many people, pets can be prone to excessive weight gain.  Walking is a healthy way to reduce a pet’s weight without overly restricting their diets.  Even if your pet isn’t currently overweight now, ensuring that they get exercise, especially at a younger age, can help to ensure that they do not put on weight now, which in turn can help to prolong their life well into the future.

2. It Makes Pets Behave Better – If you’ve had a problem with your pup becoming overly excited over little things, barking excessively or even scratching or digging, then making sure they get enough exercise is a simple and healthy solution.  Sometimes behavior issues are merely the result of a pet that is not stimulated enough, and giving them opportunities to expend this energy will help them behave better at home.

3. It Strengthens Bonds – Though you already love your pet, and your pet already loves you, it never hurts to strengthen those bonds.  Going on regular walks and partaking in other activities together is a great way to do this.  Strong bonds not only make your pet feel comfortable and loved but make it easier for you to communicate with and train your pet.

4. Get Over Fears – You may have already written your pet off as timid or fearful, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  Taking your pet on regular walks is a great way to help open them up to new situations and help them get over their fear of new situations.  Walks are an especially great option for cat owners, as cats can be particularly timid pets.

5. It Helps Your Pet Sleep Better – Anybody who has ever had a long day at the gym knows that plenty of great exercise makes it easier to slip into a long and comfortable night’s sleep.  That is just as true for our pets. Sleep is essential for our canine and feline companions, so exercise can help to ensure that they are getting enough of it, and the right types of sleep.

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