4 Ways to Acclimate Your Pet to Their New Bed

vcadmin | July 6, 2017

Pets are creatures of habit, and sometimes adding a change to that habit can require a bit of work to get them acclimated. It’s no different when adding a new custom dog bed or custom cat bed to their living space. Unlike humans who love new bedding – dogs and cats can sometimes be a little skittish around new sleeping arrangements that don’t look (or smell) like the old ones.

But not to worry – we’ve put together four easy ways to help your dog or cat get comfortable so they are loving their new custom pet bed in no time!

#1 – Put the Pet Bed in Their Favorite Spot

As part of being creatures of habits, dogs, cats and other pets like to have their things exactly where they should be. Whether that’s their favorite toys in a favorite hiding spot in your sofa or their dog or cat bed at that special place in the living room, they like things being where they are expected to be.

When you get your new custom dog bed or custom cat bed, be sure to let your pet see you remove the old bed and place the new one in its place. In its exact place. This will help your pet to understand that this is their new comfortable bed and they’ll be happy to hop on for a few zzz’s.

#2 – Get It Smelling Familiar

In addition to loving the way you smell, our pets also love the way THEY smell. So before you throw away their old bed – rub clean areas of it onto the new bed to transfer the scent. That way they’ll recognize it and know it’s their special sleeping area.

#3 – Add Their Favorite Toy or Blanket

In addition to getting their new bed smelling familiar, add things that they love to help make their bed feel a bit more like home. It can be their favorite chew toy or blanket they love to snuggle under. You may even want to try a blanket that you use. Since it smells like you it may help associate their new pet bed with you and make it a more seamless transition.

#4 – Lay on the Pet Bed with Them

There’s nothing fluffy or fido love more than their pet parents spending a little time cuddling in bed with them before sleep! If your dog or cat is a bit stand offish with their new bed, there’s nothing that will help them fall in love with it more than if you spend a few moments on it with them.

Instead of doing playtime outdoors with your dog or inside with kitty, spend some time near the new custom pet bed and help them get acclimated. As we mention above, you can even bring one of their favorite toys over and play a game of hide and seek in the bed to help make it fun.

Once your dog or cat gets acclimated, they’ll be big fans of their new custom pet bed and it’ll be hard to get them out of it (especially the cats, who love to snooze!).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re always here to help – whether it’s placing your order or once your custom pet bed is in your home.