It only seems fitting to kick off our first blog post with how J’adore Custom Pet Beds got to where it is today and where it is headed in the future.

The bed that started it all! Miya & her first bed.

The idea of J’adore came to me one day just after I got my dog Miya. I wanted a dog bed that matched my decor on top of being plush and comfortable for her as well. I looked around for a bed but couldn’t find anything I wanted. So I asked myself, “Why couldn’t I make my own dog a bed?” Having worked for a seasoned upholsterer for many years as the head seamstress I knew I could make my own. So I found fabric that I recently used to upholster my chairs with and found some ultra soft fabric for the inside. I then began contemplating how I would want the bed to look and ultimately came up with my cuddle bed. It came out perfect and Miya loved it too!

Then just a few weeks later out of the blue I had a good customer of ours at the upholstery shop ask me to make her a dog bed for her 2 little ones. I thought, well I just made a bed for Miya, so what’s one more? So I made her a cuddle bed that matched some outdoor cushions that we were doing for her. It turned out so cute and she loved it. That’s when the light bulb popped over my head, “Why not start offering custom pet beds?”

But I didn’t want to offer any run-of-the-mill pet bed–I wanted to offer the highest quality pet bed you could find and then let the customer customize it. So starting with my cuddle bed I wanted it to not only be cute but also “flippable” and I wanted the cover to be removable and washable. Well the first bed I created did not offer those things so after a couple mock-ups I came up with my current bed style today that is flippable with 5 concealed zippers so the insert is removable and the cover is washable. I ended up doing this process with every style of bed I offer but also started applying principles I used for making complicated upholstery patterns to make these bed covers practical, washable and beautiful. I also sew every bed with the same material and equipment used on upholstery cushions so these beds are sewn to quality and will hold up.

Our doors officially opened on July 31, 2012 and we have grown leaps and bounds since. We have now made beds for lots of lucky pets all over the USA as well as Canada, Portugal, and Australia which is so exciting and rewarding! I feel like it’s a dream come true that I can make works of art and create a beautiful comfortable bed for everyone’s loved ones.

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