Our Top Fabric Picks for Winter 2018/November 15, 2018

Winter is right around the corner, as hard it may be to believe! Soon our pets will be looking for a nice warm place to snuggle up and get warm as they sleep.

As we look ahead to this wonderful season, today we’re sharing our top 6 picks for winter fabrics to consider as you design your custom pet bed. You’ll find these available when you’re in the design process for our custom pet beds.


Stripe Ash Slub
Winter tends to be about more muted and soft colors which makes this stripe ash fabric perfect for your pet’s bed!


Polka Dot Athena Gold
Add some fun to your pet’s winter bed with our polka dot Athena theme in gold! You can use a dark color to accentuate like navy or black or even go light with a pink or grey!


Feather Athena Gold
What’s better than polka dots in gold? Feathers! A pawfect choice for your pet’s customized bed!


Buffalo Check Red Black
There’s something very wintry about a red checkered pattern – a perfect place for your pet to rest their played out head this season!


Trillian Vintage Indigo
One of our favorites from last year, this diamonds in diamonds design will look perfect on your custom pet bed! Accentuate with a navy or white edge – or be bold and use more vibrant colors!


Anderson Premier Navy
Love the look of gingham? You love the look of this design in your pet’s bed – especially in blue in white which is perfect for winter!


Also just in time for winter — our Buffalo Plaid pre-designed bed! We are proud to offer these pet beds as they are an original design by J’adore and embody our core values of comfort, durability, and functionality. Each of these Cuddle beds are reversible which means it can offer a unique look in seconds by simply flipping the bed! The seat is filled with the highest quality fiberfill on the market and is rated to last three times longer than standard fiberfill options while maintaining a downy feeling for extra cuddly comfort.

The cover is fully removable and washable as each of the five muslin inserts has its own zipper.

Wishing you and your pets a lovely winter season!

Our Top Pet Bed Fabric Picks for Fall/July 20, 2018

We may be in the thick of summer, but before we know it Fall will thankfully be here! Cool temperatures, slight breezes, Halloween and pumpkin spice everything!

We’re already taking custom bed orders featuring fabulous fabrics of Fall. Here are our top 8 picks for Fall fabrics to consider as you design your custom pet bed. You’ll find these available when you’re in the design process for our custom pet beds. Enjoy!


Caldwell Carmel Macon
The shapes of this fabric give a woven look to the pet bed. And even better, the light and dark blues add to the Fall feel!



Camel Faux Fur
This light tan color makes it a perfect Fall choice for your custom pet bed!



Cheyene Maya Macon
We love the feather look on this fabric! This look is a perfect complement to autumn colors and pairs well with a wide variety of other fabrics for your second fabric choice.



Fuzzy Buddies Macon
What goes better on a dog bed than a bunch of other pups? This look will make your dog want to snuggle up with their fuzzy buddies and dream of bones and toys!



Gabriella Neutral
Leaves part two with the addition of flowers! This fabric would like great with a dark second fabric like navy or even black on your J’adore custom pet bed.



Loralie Land
This fabric has a paisley feel to it, but the browns and blues are what really give it an autumn feel that will make your custom pet bed feel like Fall year round!



Penmanship Village Blue Natural
Get this one before it’s gone! We love the old-time look of this fabric and it goes great with autumn colors. But it will be coming off the website soon, so be sure to order your custom bed with this fabric soon!



Zoom Zoom Macon
A chevron style in blue, brown grey and green are perfect for your pet’s bed with Fall-themed colors!


Do you have a favorite fabric from our collection for Fall? Let us know – we’d love to hear your top choices!