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Cozy Cuddle Pet Bed


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  • XXS (19″ x 19″ x 7″) – $114.99
  • XS (19″ x 22″ x 7″) – $139.99
  • S (23″ x 23″ x 7″) – $154.99
  • SM (23″ x 28″ x 7″) – $169.99
  • M (29″ x 29″ x 7″) – $184.99
  • L (33″ x 33″ x 9″) – $229.99
  • XL (29″ x 36″ x 9″) – $229.99
  • XXL (33″ x 40″ x 10″) – $284.99

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Embroidery Text

Britannic Bold
Brush Script
Calligraph 421 BT Roman
Copperplate Gothic Bold
Curlz MT
Lucida Calligraphy Italic
Stephanie Jane
Times New Roman

Make Seat Cushion Removable?

The optional removable seat cushion lets you clean just the seat instead of the entire bed cover.

If the removable seat needs to be washed then you can pull the insert out and place it into the main Cuddle Bed cover so your pet can continue to enjoy their bed while the removable seat cover is being washed.

The optional removable seat cushion doesn’t alter the design of the Cozy Cuddle Bed.

Add Waterproof Insert Covers?

Waterproofing of insert covers will prevent accidents from leaking into the insert stuffing.

Worried your pet might have an accident on the bed? This optional add-on will protect the inserts from getting wet so you only have to clean the main cover. This fabric has a moisture barrier that has been bonded to the back so water cannot penetrate it. This top-of-the-material is also stain, mold, and mildew resistant so cleaning is a breeze!

Waterproof Cover Options:
1) Seat Insert Cover (goes over our standard seat insert)
2) Covers for both Seat & Bolster Inserts (covers all inserts)

If this option is not selected, the inserts will be covered in our standard muslin.

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★★★ (Light Diggers) 15k-24k DR
★★★★ (Medium Diggers) 25k - 49k DR
★★★★★ (Aggressive Diggers)- 50k+ DR

Double Rubs (DR) is a method of testing abrasion tolerance. It is tested by doing a back and forth motion until two yarn breaks occur or there is noticeable wear to the fabric. Each back-and-forth pass is known as a Double Rub. Anything over 15,000 DR is considered heavy use.

The seat where your pet rests is where durability matters most and where digging is most likely to occur.

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