Springtime Activities for You and Your Pets/March 26, 2019

Springtime is just around the corner. With it comes the much anticipated warm weather, blue skies, and green grass. You aren’t the only one looking forward to Spring! Your furry friend is looking forward to nicer weather and being able to play outside. There’s no better way to get your dog or cat primed for a nap in their custom pet bed than with a nice outing.

How can you and your best friend enjoy the beautiful spring weather together? Let’s take a look at the best springtime activities to enjoy with your dog or cat.


The Best Springtime Activities for Dogs

No matter you or your dog’s interests, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the best activities to enjoy with your beloved pup this spring.

Take a Hike

Take your furry friend on a hike. You will enjoy the exercise and beautiful views while your best friend enjoys exploring new territory with new smells, and of course his best friend! Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks for you both!

Catch a Frisbee

Grab a frisbee or a ball and hit your backyard or even the nearby park for a game of fetch. You will both enjoy the fresh spring air and both you and your best friend will get a workout that leaves you ready for a nap!

Get Your Jog on!

An exciting jog around your neighborhood will definitely put your pup in the mood for a nice long afternoon nap. If you want to mix things up, you can find a local park or a nice wooded jogging trail to explore.

Visit the Dog Park

Dog parks are a great way to allow your best friend to not only get out pent up energy but to socialize. He can meet and play with new friends while you make new friends of your own as well.


The Best Springtime Activities for Cats

While cats are known for lounging on the back of the sofa or their custom pet bed, there are still plenty of activities you can engage in with your cat that will leave them begging for a nap.

A Breath of Fresh Air

If you think only dogs enjoy walks, think again! Many cats enjoy a nice walk outdoors in the fresh air. If you choose to brave it outside with your cat, be sure to do so safely. Unlike dogs, cats do not take well to a leash attached to their collar. Instead, invest in the proper size harness. It will not only be more comfortable for your cat, but more secure as well.

Birdwatching Session

Most cats are mesmerized by birds and can watch them for hours. Choose a room in the house that offers a great opportunity for your furry friend to perch on a piece of furniture and catch a great view out of the window. Place a bird feeder within view of the window and let your feline enjoy a bird watching session followed by a long nap. Elevate your cat’s experience by opening the windows. Just make sure the screens are still in!

Engage in Mobile Apps

There are plenty of mobile apps available for your cat to interact with. The two of you can sit on the screened in porch while your feline friend chases lasers or small critters on your screen. After a session of active play, your cat will be more than happy to take a long nap.

Springtime not only brings with it great weather, but new opportunities to spend time with your beloved friend. These activities will not let your pet get out much-needed energy from the long winter months but are sure to leave you and your pets with lasting memories!

Our Top Ten Customer Photos from 2017/January 4, 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s already 2018! We hope you had a wonderful year with your pets and wish you all a joyous new year!

In celebration of the start of the new year, we want to take a look back at some of the photos our customers shared with us in 2017. It was hard to pick just 10 – so we encourage you to check out our Facebook or Instagram accounts where you can see all the photos from our customers throughout the year (and get design inspiration for your own custom pet bed).

But for now, here are our top ten customer photos from 2017. Enjoy! (PS – you can click on each image to view larger version)

Snoopy enjoying his 23″ x 35″ J’adore Throne Bed. So handsome! You can follow him on Instagram here.


Beanie looking adorable for Tongue Out Tuesday in a J’adore custom pet bed.


Lila Moana from Puerto Rico … such a sweet little kitty in her custom polka dot bed!


How adorable are Cujo & Jack in their 32″ J’adore Cuddle Bed? So sweet! We love the custom bus design!


Did you know we can work with fabrics you provide and also do custom sizes? We did this for JT (Justin Timberlake)! His mom is an interior designer and wanted something a little special. The bed is also made with memory foam!


Foggy looks so sweet in a new J’adore custom pet bed! Enjoy and sleep well! PS – Follow Foggy on Instagram!


How adorable is Ruby with her J’adore Bed & Blanket? Look at all that pink!


We love a matching Pillow Bed + Blanket combo! Even better when it’s a dog and cat combo!


Where is Herbert, the adorable Brussels griffon? Hiding in his luxurious J’adore Throne Bed, of course! Isn’t he so cute? Follow him on Instagram!


Did you know we can use custom fabrics, like the camo fabric we used for Raul? He’s so cute sleeping in his cuddle bed!


Thank you again to all our customers who made 2017 such an incredible year! We enjoyed putting together each and every custom designed pet bed and hope your pets are enjoying them and sleeping well.
If you have a photo of your pet in a J’adore custom pet bed, please feel free to email them to us. We’d love to highlight your pet on our social media accounts!

Our Top 4 Favorite Cat Games September 14, 2017

Our Top 4 Favorite Cat Games/September 14, 2017

Cats are known as connoisseurs of comfort. It’s no wonder, considering that according to PetMd they sleep an average of fifteen hours a day, and some cats can sleep up to twenty hours in a twenty-four hour period. Don’t you wish some days you could get that much sleep? We do too!

But even with all that snoozing, they do need some fun play time before they head off to sleep in their comfy bed. Here are a few of our favorite activities to play with your feline friends.

#1 – Go digital with the Cat Fishing mobile app.

We had to see this one to believe it, but trust us – it really works! This incredibly inventive app from Friskies (yes, that cat food maker) puts fish on a screen and the goal is for your cat to tap them with their paw and gain points.

Clearly your cat could care less about their score – but it’s still an incredibly fun time. We’ve seen some cats be incredibly engaged with the app and some only mildly interested. Give it a try and see which works best.

For best use, we recommend laying your mobile device on a flat surface so that your cat can clearly see it.

Click here to learn more and to download the app from the iTunes App Store. The video below shows footage of cats in action!

#2 – A game of fetch.

Most people associate fetch with dogs – but cats love this game too! Take a toy mouse or cat ball and when you have your kitty’s attention – give it a throw. Some kitties can even be trained to bring it back to you, especially when they know that doing so means you’ll throw it again. And just like our canine friends, your cat will let you know when the game is done and it’s time for a cat nap.

#3 – Feathers on a stick.

Cats are just mesmerized by fancy, shiny things – aren’t they? And feathers on a stick certainly do the trick! Twist and turn it, swing it up and down, dramatically plop it on the floor from left to right. It’s endless fun for your cat! For extra bonus points, see if you can get your kitty to do jumps. And of course get someone to take photographic evidence and tag us on Instagram (@adorepetbeds). We love seeing your pets!

#4 – Whose hand is that?!

This may be the oldest game in the cat playbook, but it’s amazing how effective it still is. Put your hand under a blanket on your bed or sofa and move it all around. Your cat will love chasing it, pouncing on it and eventually finding the target. But of course be careful and maybe wear gloves. Cats show no restraint when it comes to this game. The claws are out!

After a wonderful day – or shall we say 30 minutes – of play, it’s easy to understand why cats need so much beauty sleep and instantly head for their cat bed. That’s a lot of hard work!

We’re Celebrating National Dog Day with Dogs in J’adore Custom Pet Beds!/August 24, 2017

At J’adore, we think every day should be National Dog Day (and National Dog Day and Pet Day). But each year one special day is set aside to celebrate our canine friends and that day is August 26. As we were thinking of ways we could celebrate, we thought we’d share some favorite client photos we’ve received over the years.

It was really tough to only pick ten! We’d include them all if we could because we love each and every photo we receive. But that would be a really long blog post!

In no particular order – here we go!

Rugby looks so handsome in his cuddle bed. He’s even looking back so you can catch his good side!


From the matching bow to the matching bed, Astrid is one stylish pup! While we don’t recommend keeping dog beds outdoors for a prolonged period of time, it’s great for a quick visit with your parents while they are eating dinner and enjoying the view.


What an adorable face, Carlo! A bed fit for a King. He’s so handsome!


Does it get much cuter than matching dog beds? We love this look for Charlie and Lily!


Halie looks so comfy in her Throne Bed! We want to join her – don’t you?


Sharing is caring! These three beautiful pups – Kila, Sky and Carley – share their custom dog bed.


Doesn’t London look adorable? Our custom dog beds are perfect for comfy sleeping in crates and can easily be moved if your dog outgrows crate sleeping or is hanging out with you in the living room.


Quigley is an absolute beauty! We also really love where his parents put his custom bed – such a fun and neat location!


STELLA! Such a sweet pup that had plenty of room to grow into her bed. Loving her doughnut toy – can we have a nibble, Stella?


Love how the colors of Tinkerbell’s bed match the colors of her hair. Perfect choices!


If you have a photo of your dog (or cat) in a J’adore bed, we’d love to feature them in our social media or an upcoming blog post! Please email a photo and description, including your pet’s name and any order information, to

Our Favorite Things About Cats/August 8, 2017

International Cat Day is August 8. What better day to share some of our favorite things about felines here at J’adore Custom Pet Beds?

We have quite a long list of what we love about cats, but we’ve put it into a manageable list of nine.

1. They are the purr-fect friend.

We’re so fortunate we get to call so many pets friends, including cats! They are ideal buddies. Whether lounging in our laps, cuddled in our ears at bedtime or taking care of us when we have a cold (and yes, they do that!) – they are the purr-fect friend!

2. Speaking of purr, that purr is divine!

Is there anything better than cuddling up with your cat and hearing that purr? It’s such a soothing sound.

3. They are the definition of relaxation.

Talk about lounge goals! Is there a pet around who loves relaxing, lounging, sleeping, napping and anything else associated with general snoozing than a cat?

According to PetMD, cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day, and some sleep up to twenty hours per day! So it definitely makes sense why they are masters of relaxation. We’re envious!

4. Their curiosity knows no limits!

We’ve all heard that old saying that “curiosity killed the cat;” thankfully it doesn’t! But it definitely makes sense where it comes from. Cats love to get into everything and explore everything. Whether it’s a box or bag, or climbing on top of the fridge to explore that new sound.

5. They love to play.

Toy mice, feather sticks, squeaky balls – doesn’t matter. Cats LOVE to play. Watch their eyes focus on the prize as they chase after it with joyful abandon. It’s so much fun to watch! And then as soon as they are done, it’s likely time for a quick cat nap. It’s a lot of work to play.

6. They are masters of cleanliness.

This isn’t a bash against their dog counterparts, but it’s pretty great that cats have the self-grooming thing down. Unless you have a breed that requires brushing, there’s really not much you have to do in the grooming department. Cats have it covered. Even better if you can give them their privacy while they spend at least an hour a day self-grooming. Manners, please – manners!

7. They make a house a home.

Any pet does, really. But there’s something about the way cats really inhabit every area of the house. Whether it’s the sun-spilled spot on the floor, or your favorite spot on the sofa, or the dog bed they’ve stolen – they make the house theirs. The other pets may think they run the roost, but we know who really does. The cat.

8. Cats love to sleep.

Did we mention this already? Oh yes, we did. But we can’t help it – we’re still really jealous of the fact that they get to sleep up to 20 hours a day! Ahh, the cat life!

9. They talk to you.

Cats love to talk. Their meows are a constant language to let you know what they are thinking or feeling. You can say their name and have an instant dialogue. Sure, we may not understand exactly what our cats are saying back to us – but we can get a pretty good feel. Things like “it’s dinner time” or “I’m ready for some treats.” Cats talk back to us in ways that some other pets don’t – which make for lively companionship!

Are you a cat owner? What’s your favorite thing about your feline friend? We’d love to hear from you! Comment on our Facebook or Instagram accounts!

All-American Raffle – You could win a Custom Dog Bed!/June 29, 2015

J’adore has partnered with Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue in New York to help them raise money for their All-American Raffle by donating one of our 28″ cuddle beds.  By purchasing a raffle ticket on their website you will help save the lives of Trixie aka Toby and Beyley who are both in need of medical attention.  By showing your support and helping these two beautiful dogs you will be entered into a drawing where you could win one of the three prizes below!



Custom Cuddle Bed made by J’adore Custom Pet Beds which will include 5 fabrics of your choice and name embroidery (a $178 value).  The winner will be given a unique code redeemable up to $160 including free shipping to anywhere in the Contiguous United States.


$100 Amazon Gift Card or $100 via Paypal


$50 Petco Gift Card







Aangelsrescue little about the two puppies in need of your help:

“Trixie aka Toby is a sweet, blind senior Cocker Spaniel that was dumped at the Brooklyn shelter as a stray. Poor Toby has a grade 5/6 heart murmur. He also has a slightly round distended abdomen, dermatitis on the skin, and 2 ulcerated masses near his rectal region. Toby needs to see our vet asap for full blood work to rule out Cushing’s Disease and diabetes. The masses will need to be surgically removed and biopsied. Toby may also need to see a cardiologist if our vet confirms the heart murmur.

Beyley is a stunning 5 year old female Cocker Spaniel beauty that was dumped at a Long Island shelter in a box with a note that simply read: “Moving out of country.” Beyley can walk but wobbles and either falls or sits down. We believe she may have a spinal injury and must be assessed by a neurologist asap. This sweet girl needs and MRI which can cost in excess of $2,000.”

Your can show your support by purchasing your raffle ticket at:

Raffle Tickets are $10 for 1, $18 for 2, $25 for 3, $50 for 7, and $100 for 15 chances. All proceeds will help pay for Beyley and Toby’s medical care.

Thank you for your help & support!

Scissors to good to be true!/February 2, 2015

scissorsSo from time to time when your out and about you find something that is to good to be true.  This pair of gold scissors happened to be one of them.   What makes it’s even more timely is, it’s just in time for the grand opening of our new J’adore Custom Pet Beds workroom which was officially completed on Thursday.

So a little about the picture.  The black scissors in the picture are our industry grade 10″ sheers which almost look microscopic next to the giant gold scissors.  So can you guess just how big the gold scissors are?

Hint: They weigh 10lbs and are made of solid metal.


They are a whopping 35″ long x 10-1/2″wide and not only that they are sharp!  I could actually cut something with these.


So keep your eye out for the upcoming pictures of our beautiful new workroom, aka “The Creation Station”.  It has that WOW factor which was inspired by the fun and bright fabrics of our beds.