Gallbladder Mucocele: Miya’s fight to survive!/March 16, 2020

Miya & her first bed in 2011 (1 yr old).
The bed that started it all.

The second week of February was a very traumatic week for us as we almost lost our baby Miya who is also the inspiration behind our custom dog beds. While many people have issues with Gallbladders it’s not as common in dogs, which in turn makes it not very well-known. It can be fatal and strike at any moment! We write this in an effort to get the word out about gallbladder issues in dogs, specifically mucocele’s in dogs as this struck too close to home and almost took our little baby from us!

About Gallbladder Mucocele:

Mucocele is caused when the gallbladder lining secretes abnormally thick mucus which then accumulates and becomes thicker and thicker to the point it obstructs the normal flow of bile from the gallbladder to the small intestines. When this happens, the gallbladder may rupture due to the over-distention of this sludge. (Source: AKC)

It’s most commonly seen in older small-to-medium size dogs that are around 10 years old. The breeds it most commonly affects are Shetland Sheepdogs, Miniature Schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, Pomeranians (what Miya is), and Chihuahuas. (Source: MSPCA & AKC) If caught early, the survival rate is approximately 98% versus 80% who are clinically sick like Miya. (Source: NCBI) So, in other words, we wish this would have been discovered sooner so the surgery could have been performed before she got so sick which resulted in an even riskier surgery and longer recovery.

Symptoms include Vomiting, Lethargy, Appetite Loss, Jaundice, Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea, and Fever. (Source: VeterinaryPartner) Miya went from displaying no signs to all-of-a-sudden displaying all of these symptoms within a day, except for the tender abdomen and fever. Jaundice didn’t show up until the day after the vet admitted her.

Miya’s Story:
The day started out as any normal day would. Miya appeared to be her normal self and ate all of her food the night before. When we returned home from our errands she was all excited to see us jumping and barking. But when I went to feed her shortly after that she would not eat her favorite food. Once in a long while she would do that so it didn’t alarm me to much. The next day she still wouldn’t eat and now she wouldn’t even eat her favorite treats. She was still drinking water and I was able to get her to eat some lunch meat but she later threw up. I decided to take her to the vet first thing the next morning. When I woke up Monday morning I found bloody diarrhea on our sheets and immediately rushed her to the vet without an appointment before they were open. At this point, Miya didn’t want to move and was very lethargic.

Wednesday 2/12 – just before arriving at the new vet for a diagnosis. She looks ok after supportive care, but she was still very sick!

Our vet got us in quickly and agreed she was very sick. They admitted her so they could run some blood tests and get her hooked up on IV’s. The blood test showed some things were out of range but nothing really stood out other than her being very hypoglycemic and dehydrated from not eating. By Wednesday (2 days later) she was starting to perk up under their supportive care but according to her blood work her liver enzymes, Bilirubin, and white blood cell count were now all way up and she was also now anemic. So while she felt and looked better, it would only be temporary as we still didn’t have a diagnosis. The vet mentioned Pancreatitis, Insolonoma, or liver damage (all very serious) but that she really needed to have an ultrasound done which they didn’t have. So we picked her up and took her to another vet who had the equipment. The new vet took some more blood work Wednesday afternoon and her numbers were continuing to climb more out of range. The new vet mentioned her liver was most likely being blocked and that it could be caused by her gallbladder being blocked (the other vet never even mentioned that as a possibility). So they took her back for an ultrasound and sure enough she said her gallbladder looked to be full of something called Mucocele. She said that because it wasn’t ruptured they’d have the surgeon verify in the morning and would proceed with removing her gallbladder if it was indeed the case.

Without her gallbladder removed Miya would have most certainly passed away but with it removed she could live a normal life. Statistics for surviving the postoperative period was approximately 80% (20% chance she could still pass away). That was terrifying but we knew we had no choice. The next morning they confirmed via ultrasound that it appeared to be Gallbladder Mucocele and that they would be proceeding with the gallbladder removal surgery (cholecystectomy).

Tuesday 2/18 – Day after discharge from hospital

Shortly after the surgery we got a call she made it through and did great! We were so relieved but knew she still had a long recovery as her gallbladder also caused liver inflammation/damage which the vet noted so she also took a biopsy of her liver when she was opened up as well. Two days after the surgery she was still anemic and her liver enzymes & bilirubin hadn’t dropped much if at all and her white blood cell had increased. So they said that she needed more time to heal and couldn’t be released yet. So Monday came and we were so anxious and hopeful to learn that her numbers were decreasing and were starting to go in the normal direction. We got the call we were hoping for that her anemia was greatly improving! Her liver enzymes and bilirubin were still a bit elevated but going down and that it may take time as she needed to be on liver medicine and would need to be for the rest of her life. But, finally, one week after we first took her to the vet, we were finally able to take our little baby home!

At the time of writing this blog post (one month later), she is doing great and appears to be back to her normal self. Her liver enzymes are still slightly out of normal range but they are getting closer to normal, so she is improving. The first two weeks after gallbladder surgery are the most critical and she made it through and is doing great. We are so happy to have a local experienced vet who identified the problem right away and could perform the surgery to save her life.

We hope this blog post can help spread the word to other dog owners in order to possibly save their pet’s life if they could experience a gallbladder mucocele at some point in their life. If you have one of the breeds listed above, please talk to your vet about the best time to get an ultrasound done of your pet’s gallbladder in hopes of catching it before it becomes life-threatening.

Our Top Fabric Picks for Spring 2019/April 30, 2019

Raise your hands and paws if you’re so happy that spring is upon us! Warmer weather, open windows, fun times outdoors for our dogs. Spring is definitely a great season!

Today we’re sharing our seven picks for spring fabrics to consider as you design your custom pet bed. You’ll find these available when you’re in the design process for our custom pet beds. This includes four new premium fabrics! To select these, be sure to click on “Premium Fabrics” at the top when designing your bed.

Anderson Black White
Black and white gingham is a perfect look for your custom pet bed – in springtime or year round!


Amazon Sand
Put a little extra animal into your dog or cat bed with this fun and feisty print!


Abbott Ecru
This checkered look is neutral and goes great with other fabrics. Perfect for customizing your custom pet bed!


Starfish Vista Luxe Linen (Premium)
The first of our four premium fabrics, this starfish design is sure to stand out on your dog or cat’s bed!


Coral Reef Vista Luxe Linen (Premium)
Perfect for spring (or summer) this coral design really adds a water feel to your pet’s custom bed!


Starfish Harbor Luxe Linen (Premium)
Another take on the starfish design, this premium fabric will give your dog or cat bed a definite “under the sea” feel!


Coral Reef Harbor Luxe Linen (Premium)
Here’s another premium coral fabric design for you to consider for your custom pet bed!

To you, your dogs and your cats – enjoy the spring season and take lots of naps!

Praising the Pawsitive: 3 Ways to Encourage Good Doggy Behavior/April 24, 2019

We know every dog is a good boy or a good girl! Some pups just need a bit of encouragement. From chewing to zoomies, there’s no behavior that a little patience, love, and care can’t fix. Consider these 3 ways to encourage good doggy behavior. The answer to “who’s a good boy?” might be closer than you think!

Keep It Fun

Much like busy toddlers, it’s easy for dogs to lose interest in obedience training. Dull exercises can feel like a chore for both you and your canine companion. Mix up the mundane by incorporating play into manners!

Instead of using treats, encourage your dog’s good behavior by using his or her favorite toys. Many owners tend to overload on snacks during obedience training. This can quickly add extra fluff to your best friend’s physique! Active play promotes health, exercise, and bonding. Have dogs sit before tossing the ball. Use a squeaky toy to teach your dog to roll over. Make playtime a teachable moment by having your dog bring you his or her toys, “leave it” when asked, and respond to your voice.

New puppy? Playtime is the perfect time to get to know your new friend. Not only will your pup learn important social skills, but playtime is a great opportunity to teach appropriate rough housing skills. Puppies learn to test out their bite strength on toys. When pups get too mouthy, it’s important to redirect and correct this behavior by immediately withdrawing your attention. Remove the toy if your furbaby is becoming too aggressive and ignore them (we know, this hurts all parents!). Once your pup has calmed down, return to playtime. This will teach your dog to associate good behaviors with positive reinforcement.

Get into a playtime routine! Your dog will look forward to their favorite part of the day. Best of all, this is a great way to eliminate boredom chewing by establishing a set time for rough housing.

Treat and Repeat

Patience is key when it comes to obedience training. Even the smartest dogs require consistency and repetition. This does not mean yelling your dog’s name over and over again to the groans of everyone else at the dog park, however! Avoid repeating verbal commands more than twice. Instead, give your dog a hand signal to associate with the command. Continue this practice and be prepared to maintain and refresh throughout the entirety of your dog’s life. Even old dogs can learn new tricks!

For new dogs or those still learning the basics, set aside 20 minutes per day for dedicated obedience time. This practice is helpful for even the most well behaved pups. Not only is reinforcement critical, but adding new commands to your dog’s repertoire is a great way to keep their brains active and their curiosity stimulated.

Creating Calm

Every dog needs a calm, safe space when it’s time to wind down. Many puppies and dogs benefit from crate training. It’s important not to misunderstand the methodology behind crate training. Your pup’s crate should NEVER be used as punishment. Rather, crate training mimics a dog’s natural instinct to retreat to his or her den. Your little pup needs a designated place to relax!

This does not mean your dog needs to revert completely to the state of its wild ancestors. J’adore understands that even dogs with the heart of a wolf deserve to be pampered. Make your dog’s crate or kennel comfortable with our custom bone pillow and luxurious, easy-to-clean blankets. Familiar scents will give your best friend a sense of comfort and security.

Looking to add a more personal touch to your pet’s mini suite? Design your own custom dog bed for the good boy or girl in your life!

The Importance of Properly Identifying Your Pet: National Pet ID Week is April 14/April 16, 2019

Fluffy and Fido are more than just your pets, they are members of your family. The thought that your pet may become lost is unimaginable. Yet, it happens more often than you might think. It is estimated that 1 out of 3 pets will become separated from their owners at some point. Hopefully, your pet never becomes the 1 in 3, but you should take precautions in the event that the unthinkable happens. The best way to ensure the safe recovery and return of your dog or cat is proper identification.

Why Should You ID Your Pet?

Pet identification is one of the most important ways you can protect your pet. Should you ID your pet, even if he or she is an indoor cat or an indoor dog who only goes out on a leash? Yes, yes, yes! Every single pet should have some type of identification. Even indoor dogs and cats are prone to escaping under the right circumstances. A door accidentally left open, a pet notorious for slipping past someone coming in the door, or even Fido slipping his collar on a walk are all very common occurrences that lead to pets not being able to find their way home.

Different Types of Pet Identification

Collar Tags

Collar tags are the most widely recognized form of identification for both cats and dogs. Have your pet’s tag engraved with his or her name, your name, and phone number at the very least. Besides being able to quickly make contact with the owner, a collar with both a collar tag and a rabies tag, instantly lets people know that Fluffy or Fido belongs to someone, has a family, and is properly vaccinated.


Microchipping as a form of identification is becoming more and more popular among pet owners. The microchip is inserted just underneath the skin and contains all sorts of information including the pet’s name, age, veterinarian, owner’s name, address, and phone number. The average person does not have a scanner that can read microchips. However, most people will take a cat and dog they find to a veterinarian’s office and let them scan the pet for free. From there, the pet will be held safely until the owner can be reached.

Each type of identification has both pros and cons. Both dogs and cats are notorious for slipping collars or they can be removed if your pet is stolen. The average person will not be able to scan your pet for a microchip. The best approach is to combine a collar tag with a microchip.

Protect Your Four-Legged Family Members

Too many pets each year are sadly separated from their families and never reunited. National pet ID week is April 14-20. Protect your furry best friend by ensuring he or she has proper identification and help reduce the number of pets who are lost each year and never recovered due to lack of identification.

Springtime Activities for You and Your Pets/March 26, 2019

Springtime is just around the corner. With it comes the much anticipated warm weather, blue skies, and green grass. You aren’t the only one looking forward to Spring! Your furry friend is looking forward to nicer weather and being able to play outside. There’s no better way to get your dog or cat primed for a nap in their custom pet bed than with a nice outing.

How can you and your best friend enjoy the beautiful spring weather together? Let’s take a look at the best springtime activities to enjoy with your dog or cat.


The Best Springtime Activities for Dogs

No matter you or your dog’s interests, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the best activities to enjoy with your beloved pup this spring.

Take a Hike

Take your furry friend on a hike. You will enjoy the exercise and beautiful views while your best friend enjoys exploring new territory with new smells, and of course his best friend! Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks for you both!

Catch a Frisbee

Grab a frisbee or a ball and hit your backyard or even the nearby park for a game of fetch. You will both enjoy the fresh spring air and both you and your best friend will get a workout that leaves you ready for a nap!

Get Your Jog on!

An exciting jog around your neighborhood will definitely put your pup in the mood for a nice long afternoon nap. If you want to mix things up, you can find a local park or a nice wooded jogging trail to explore.

Visit the Dog Park

Dog parks are a great way to allow your best friend to not only get out pent up energy but to socialize. He can meet and play with new friends while you make new friends of your own as well.


The Best Springtime Activities for Cats

While cats are known for lounging on the back of the sofa or their custom pet bed, there are still plenty of activities you can engage in with your cat that will leave them begging for a nap.

A Breath of Fresh Air

If you think only dogs enjoy walks, think again! Many cats enjoy a nice walk outdoors in the fresh air. If you choose to brave it outside with your cat, be sure to do so safely. Unlike dogs, cats do not take well to a leash attached to their collar. Instead, invest in the proper size harness. It will not only be more comfortable for your cat, but more secure as well.

Birdwatching Session

Most cats are mesmerized by birds and can watch them for hours. Choose a room in the house that offers a great opportunity for your furry friend to perch on a piece of furniture and catch a great view out of the window. Place a bird feeder within view of the window and let your feline enjoy a bird watching session followed by a long nap. Elevate your cat’s experience by opening the windows. Just make sure the screens are still in!

Engage in Mobile Apps

There are plenty of mobile apps available for your cat to interact with. The two of you can sit on the screened in porch while your feline friend chases lasers or small critters on your screen. After a session of active play, your cat will be more than happy to take a long nap.

Springtime not only brings with it great weather, but new opportunities to spend time with your beloved friend. These activities will not let your pet get out much-needed energy from the long winter months but are sure to leave you and your pets with lasting memories!

It’s Pet Poison Prevent Week: Find Out What Can Be Dangerous for Your Pets/March 19, 2019

Pet poison prevention week begins on March 17, and there’s no better time to discuss this important and scary subject. Many people don’t realize the dangers of certain foods, plants, and other common household objects to pets. Sadly, many of the things your pet can ingest in your home or yard can cause serious illness or even death. Prevention of this catastrophe begins with knowledge. Learn which items pose a threat to the health of your cat or dog and the symptoms that signal pet poisoning.

Poisonous Plants

There are many indoor and outdoor plants that are dangerous to both cats and dogs. While you may think that your pet has no interest in eating plants, they may gnaw on woody trunks or swallow nuts. Even the pollen from certain plants can be dangerous. Some of the plants most commonly found in homes and yards that are toxic for pets include lilies, sago palms, ivy, azaleas, tomato plants, and aloe vera.

Lilies, English ivy, and aloe vera are all common houseplants. Lilies aren’t dangerous for dogs but some species cause serious symptoms in cats. Ingestion of the plant or pollen can cause vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and kidney failure. Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that soothes human skin problems. When your cat or dog ingests the sap, the results may include diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, and mental reactions. English ivy is often grown indoors in pots or outside to trail over fences and walls. The effects of this plant on your cat or dog may include vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and hypersalivation.

Sago palms, tomato plants, and azaleas are commonly found in lawns. Sago palms are grown indoors and outdoors. They are extremely poisonous to both cats and dogs. If your pet ingests any part of this plant, symptoms may include vomiting, bloody feces, coma, and seizures. Azaleas are flowering shrubs that are toxic to pets. Ingestion can cause weakness, blindness, and cardiac failure. If you are a pet parent with a green thumb, it is vital to keep dangerous plants away from your pets.

Dangerous Snacks

There are many snacks that are tasty for humans but extremely dangerous for pets. Certain candies are a common reason for pet illnesses. Most people are aware of the dangers of chocolate to pets. However, other dangerous foods are often overlooked.

Xylitol is probably not an ingredient most people are familiar with, but you’ve probably consumed it before. Xylitol is a sweetener found in gum, candy, and baked goods that can be deadly for your dog. Early symptoms include vomiting and lethargy. More serious effects include a blood sugar drop and liver failure. A small amount can cause severe symptoms within 15 to 30 minutes.

Surprisingly, fruits and vegetables can be dangerous to animals as well. Raisins can cause vomiting, lethargy, and lack of urination. Ingestion of raw onions and garlic can result in weakness, anemia, and liver damage.

Human Medications

If they aren’t stored properly, your medications can pose a serious danger for your pets. Many commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medicines make pets seriously ill. There are several medicines on the Pet Poison Helpline top ten poisons list for both cats and dogs.

Antidepressants and stimulant medications prescribed for ADHD are frequently reported in the poisoning of both cats and dogs. This is likely because they are commonly prescribed medicines. Early symptoms of these poisonings include vomiting and diarrhea. Antidepressants may also cause tremors, high body temperatures, and seizures. Even very small amounts of prescription stimulants can cause life-threatening seizures and heart problems in pets.

Commonly reported over-the-counter medicines include anti-inflammatories, acetaminophen (Tylenol), and vitamin D. These are common OTC medications found in many homes. Early symptoms of animal poisoning include abdominal pain and vomiting. More serious dangers of anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) include intestinal ulcers and kidney failure. Acetaminophen is especially dangerous to cats, potentially resulting in damage to red blood cells. It has the same life-threatening effect on dogs when large doses are ingested, and can also cause liver failure.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to the dangers of pet poisons. Some poisoning symptoms are irreversible. No matter how quickly you get help, you may not be able to save your furry family member. However, if you suspect your pet has already ingested something poisonous, it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Our Top Fabric Picks for Winter 2018/November 15, 2018

Winter is right around the corner, as hard it may be to believe! Soon our pets will be looking for a nice warm place to snuggle up and get warm as they sleep.

As we look ahead to this wonderful season, today we’re sharing our top 6 picks for winter fabrics to consider as you design your custom pet bed. You’ll find these available when you’re in the design process for our custom pet beds.


Stripe Ash Slub
Winter tends to be about more muted and soft colors which makes this stripe ash fabric perfect for your pet’s bed!


Polka Dot Athena Gold
Add some fun to your pet’s winter bed with our polka dot Athena theme in gold! You can use a dark color to accentuate like navy or black or even go light with a pink or grey!


Feather Athena Gold
What’s better than polka dots in gold? Feathers! A pawfect choice for your pet’s customized bed!


Buffalo Check Red Black
There’s something very wintry about a red checkered pattern – a perfect place for your pet to rest their played out head this season!


Trillian Vintage Indigo
One of our favorites from last year, this diamonds in diamonds design will look perfect on your custom pet bed! Accentuate with a navy or white edge – or be bold and use more vibrant colors!


Anderson Premier Navy
Love the look of gingham? You love the look of this design in your pet’s bed – especially in blue in white which is perfect for winter!


Also just in time for winter — our Buffalo Plaid pre-designed bed! We are proud to offer these pet beds as they are an original design by J’adore and embody our core values of comfort, durability, and functionality. Each of these Cuddle beds are reversible which means it can offer a unique look in seconds by simply flipping the bed! The seat is filled with the highest quality fiberfill on the market and is rated to last three times longer than standard fiberfill options while maintaining a downy feeling for extra cuddly comfort.

The cover is fully removable and washable as each of the five muslin inserts has its own zipper.

Wishing you and your pets a lovely winter season!

Reasons to Find Your Next Best Friend and Treat Them to a Custom Pet Bed This October/October 11, 2018

Most of us associate October with brisk fall weather, shorter days and the spooky fun of Halloween. But did you know that October is also National Adopt a Dog Month?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Humane Association (AHA) have both established this month as a time to focus on the urgent need for people to adopt shelter dogs and other pets, and on the many reasons why adopting a homeless pet may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Here are some more facts about shelter dogs and other pets in the United States, and how you can make a newly adopted pet feel at home with a brand new custom pet bed of their own.

Why Homeless Dogs and Cats Need Our Help

According to the ASPCA, over six million pets wind up in animal shelters across the United States each year, for a variety of reasons. Of these, roughly half of these animals are dogs. While the number of pets entering shelters has declined since 2011, there is no denying the fact that at any given time there are thousands of pets in need of loving homes in every state in the nation.

Many U.S. animal shelters are full to the brink and understaffed, which is why over a million cats and dogs are euthanized annually—a tragedy that many animal rescue organizations agree could be prevented by more people taking the time to ‘adopt, not shop’ for their next four-legged friend. In fact, an overall increase in adoptions in recent years is believed to be at least partially responsible for declining euthanasia rates in shelters across the country. With any luck, this is a trend that will only continue to grow, until all pets have a safe and loving home.

The Benefits of Adopting Pets

Animals just seem to know when they’ve been given a second chance and are now in the safety of a loving home. Withdrawn and seemingly depressed dogs and cats often emerge from their shells and gain confidence with a little patience and loving attention. These before and after photos are amazing evidence of just how much pets seem to blossom after they leave the shelter!

When you adopt a new dog or cat from an animal shelter, you may not realize that the animals aren’t the only ones who benefit. There are also many ways that adopted animals help their owners lead happier, healthier lives too. Your new dog or cat will shower you with unconditional love and affection each day for the rest of his or her life, giving you plenty of reasons to smile. The joys of pet ownership will also help to relieve your stress, encourage you to be more physically active, and could even lower your blood pressure. It’s easy to see why, paws down, adopting a pet is one of life’s greatest win-win situations.

How to Help Your New Pet Feel at Home with a New Custom Pet Bed

Making the transition from a life on the streets or at a shelter to your home is a big change for any adopted pet. Wouldn’t you like to help them feel more comfortable and welcomed? Dogs and cats both appreciate having a place of their own as their personal ‘den’. A custom pet bed from J’adore, like our ever-popular Cuddle Pet Bed or luxurious Throne Pet Bed, is a fantastic way you can help your new furry friend feel right at home. Best of all, you’ll be able to design the way your pet’s bed looks down to the choice of fabric and any extras, including the ability to custom embroider your adopted pal’s name. It’s just one more way you can let your new dog or cat know you care!

Would you like to learn more before you buy? Be sure to contact J’adore with any questions you may have, and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting the perfect gift for your beloved pet.

Cuddle Up to Fall with a J’adore Custom Pet Blanket/September 13, 2018

When temperatures begin to drop, thoughts naturally turn to fun fall and winter activities – and snuggling under a warm blanket is one of our favorites! Your pet is no different; whether they prefer to curl up on top of a thick, cuddly blanket or burrow underneath it for the ultimate in warmth and comfort, custom pet blankets are the perfect way to treat your pet to the warmest, coziest cold-weather season yet.

Why Your Dog or Cat Will Love Their J’adore Custom Pet Blanket

Your pet’s blanket is sure to become one of their favorite objects for various reasons. Anyone who’s ever seen a cat curl up in a perfect little circle on a soft blanket-nest or a dog who drags their favorite blanket around the house with them everywhere they go knows how attached pets become to their covers and how much comfort they provide.

Blankets help pets feel safe and secure for many reasons. First, they smell just like home no matter where you go, making them excellent travel companions (as a bonus, they help protect the seat of your car, too). Wherever your dog or cat is, their blanket can help them feel at home, whether you take them on an afternoon outing or an extended vacation. Having such a familiar object around will help your pet get a good night’s sleep and plenty of restful naps, keep them warm and toasty even when temperatures plummet, and keep them happy and content in any situation.

We offer two fun options when it comes to our custom pet blankets: our Blanket and our Luxury Blanket. Both are soft, comfortable, and durable. Choose your fabric or request a custom combination of textiles. Your pets are your best friends; why not treat them to the very best? They’ll adore our super-soft fabrics and the fabulous, luxurious naps they’ll take every day wrapped in the comfort of their J’adore blanket. In fact, your pet may just love their J’adore blanket so much that you’ll consider buying a second one so you’ll have one to wash – or one to stand in should the original become lost.

The J’adore Difference

When you choose a custom pet blanket from J’adore, you’re treating your pet to a high-quality, handmade cover that is incredibly comfortable whether they prefer it alone or as an addition to their custom dog bed or custom cat bed. We offer a range of sizes and fabrics to ensure that your pet enjoys a blanket that’s “just right” and made especially for them. We’ll also be happy to embroider your pet’s name on their very own blanket to add even more personalization and help prevent it from getting lost when you travel. Whether you have a tiny pet or an extra-large one, we can design and create a special blanket for them to love and cuddle with for years to come. Choose from a range of sizes or request a custom size – we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

At J’adore, we also provide a line of custom pet beds for dogs and cats. We place a strong emphasis on professional craftsmanship at affordable prices. Our beds are designed with quality, functionality, and style in mind. Each of our beds is expertly sewn to be strong and durable and provide excellent support for even the largest dogs. They won’t flatten or deform like cheaper alternatives, either. A J’adore custom pet bed is a delightful gift to give your furry friend – and it only gets better when you add a custom blanket to go inside. Contact J’adore today to learn more or place your order and get ready to see your pet experience true bedtime bliss.

Accessorize Your Crate or Custom Dog Bed with Fun New Bedding for Your Dogs/August 16, 2018

Happy Dog Customer, Feedsack Grainsack Bed

Dogs, like people, like having a place they can call their own. When you retire to your bedroom at the end of a long day, does your dog have an area they can similarly unwind? If not, you may wish to consider the benefits that come from providing your dog with their own safe space, such as a custom dog bed made just for them or a crate where they can feel secure.

If you decide to provide a crate or a similar area for your dog, it’s important to know what you should and should not put in it. The goal is to let your dog know that the space is for them, and you can do just that by making it seem as enticing and welcoming as possible. Add plenty of toys and comfy bedding, with easy access to food and water at all times. Just be sure not to put in anything that could be easily chewed or shredded by your dog, resulting in a potential choking hazard.

When you provide your dog with their special space, you will be giving them a place where they can relax and feel at ease while they sleep. If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter, or your dog suffers from arthritis, they could use a little extra support. To help them feel extra comfortable you can add safe bedding like chew-proof blankets that provide both warmth and a little extra padding.

You may already be familiar with our amazing beds, but did you know that J’adore also makes fantastic bed accessories as well? With the help of a new customizable pillow or blanket, you can give your dogs the creature comforts they crave while coordinating perfectly with their existing J’adore custom dog bed or looking great all on their own.

happy dog customer bone pillowOur new bone pillow is a fun and cozy addition for your dog’s bed or crate. Just like with our tailor-made custom pet beds, you can personalize your dog’s pillow with up to three different colorful fabrics of your choice. You can also select between our three available sizes so that your new pillow will perfectly match your dog’s head as he or she lays down after hours of play. Feel free also to add your pet’s name embroidered in the center so that everyone will know just who your dog’s new pillow belongs to.

Other comfy bed or crate accessories to consider are our new extra-plush blankets for dogs. These super-cuddly blankets can also be made to fit your dog’s unique personality, or your home décor, with up to three different fabric choices from our diverse selection for the front or back side or for the band that extends along the edge. We’d love to see what you can come up when you share your design to Facebook, Twitter, or more!

Dogs who love to suck on blankets (it’s a thing!) or fluff them up with their paws before they settle will be able to get lots of use out of our durable bedding, thanks to our use of high-quality, upholstery-grade materials and fabrics. These blankets are so soft you’ll probably look forward to snuggling up to your dog while he’s under one.

With the addition of these fun and extra-comfortable accessories from J’adore, your pet will look forward to spending time in their own special space, just like you do when you head off to bed each night. After all, there’s no better peace of mind than knowing your four-legged friend is resting in safety and comfort.

Our Top Pet Bed Fabric Picks for Fall/July 20, 2018

We may be in the thick of summer, but before we know it Fall will thankfully be here! Cool temperatures, slight breezes, Halloween and pumpkin spice everything!

We’re already taking custom bed orders featuring fabulous fabrics of Fall. Here are our top 8 picks for Fall fabrics to consider as you design your custom pet bed. You’ll find these available when you’re in the design process for our custom pet beds. Enjoy!


Caldwell Carmel Macon
The shapes of this fabric give a woven look to the pet bed. And even better, the light and dark blues add to the Fall feel!



Camel Faux Fur
This light tan color makes it a perfect Fall choice for your custom pet bed!



Cheyene Maya Macon
We love the feather look on this fabric! This look is a perfect complement to autumn colors and pairs well with a wide variety of other fabrics for your second fabric choice.



Fuzzy Buddies Macon
What goes better on a dog bed than a bunch of other pups? This look will make your dog want to snuggle up with their fuzzy buddies and dream of bones and toys!



Gabriella Neutral
Leaves part two with the addition of flowers! This fabric would like great with a dark second fabric like navy or even black on your J’adore custom pet bed.



Loralie Land
This fabric has a paisley feel to it, but the browns and blues are what really give it an autumn feel that will make your custom pet bed feel like Fall year round!



Penmanship Village Blue Natural
Get this one before it’s gone! We love the old-time look of this fabric and it goes great with autumn colors. But it will be coming off the website soon, so be sure to order your custom bed with this fabric soon!



Zoom Zoom Macon
A chevron style in blue, brown grey and green are perfect for your pet’s bed with Fall-themed colors!


Do you have a favorite fabric from our collection for Fall? Let us know – we’d love to hear your top choices!

New Summer Fabrics!/June 1, 2016

We’ve just updated our fabric offerings to include some new gorgeous patterns along with introducing 2 new colorways.  Below are our newest color additions:

Stretch Baby PinkPolka Dot Baby Pink Canopy Baby Pink Zig Zag Baby Pink Solid Baby Pink

Sail Away Blue Oars Blue Carlo Spa Blue Walkers Blue Sparks Blue


We’ve also added the following fabrics to our already existing color options:

Dandelion Black Denton Suzani Village Natural Zig Zag Village Natural Trail Ash Slub Honey Bears Macon Swiss Cross Lipstick White Mini Dot Lipstick White Ele Lipstick White Mini Dot Coral White Hiro Bittersweet Freehand Thistle Canopy Corn Yellow White Lyon Chartreuse White Mini Star Cobalt Isadella Cobalt Chevron Premier Navy Mini Dot Premier Navy
Your can view all of our fabric options here:

We can’t wait to see what new beautiful beds will be created with these new fabrics!

Pretty in Pink Dog Beds & Cat Beds/March 24, 2016

Are you looking for a pretty in pink dog bed or cat bed that fit’s your pets diva personality?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  At J’adore you can design a bed that’s unique to you and your pets personality.  You can select fabrics that are all pink or you can throw in some fun accent colors like chartreuse green, navy or turquoise to give it that extra pop of fun.  We have a range of bed styles to select from so your pet will not only sleep in style they can sleep in luxurious comfort.

Below is a sampling of some of our favorite pretty in pink dog beds and cat beds:

Extra Fun Navy & Pink Large Dog Bed Large Pink Green Navy Dog Bed Large Pink Turquoise Dog BedBlack & Hot Pink Dog BedStriking Black and Pink Pet BedLarge Pink Dog Bed FoamX-Small Chevron Pink Gray Personalized Dog Bed small colorful pet bed Fun Bright Dog Bed or cat Bed Colorful Girly Dog BedLarge Round Dog Bed Pink Chartreuse

New Holiday Fabrics/October 28, 2015

We can hardly believe it, but the Holidays are just around the corner!  So to start the Holidays off in style we’ve started offering striking new Holiday fabrics.  Christmas Cover

Company is coming and you want your house to be just perfect, but what about that ugly dog bed on the floor?  Your dog needs it but it just doesn’t match, so what do you do?  How about a fun Holiday themed bed to go right along with your beautiful Holiday decor.  These fabrics will do just the trick and your company will love it too!   But you might be thinking, you don’t want a bed that only looks good during the Holidays.  Well, we’ve solved that dilemma too by making all of our beds with removable covers so that you can change the look of your bed depending on the season.

If you are interested in an extra cover to go along with your completed bed please let us know as we offer a discount on the extra cover if it’s purchased at the same time. Our Cuddle, Throne, or Edgy bed are only available to customers who’ve purchased or will be purchasing a completed bed.   To start your creative juices flowing we’ve provided a combination example that would be absolutely stunning!


Cass Blue HolidayHavana HolidayEvans HolidayBeads Holiday Folks HolidayIvon Kiwi Lipstick101 Trey Stripe Lipstick ChartreuseIkat Domino Lipstick ChartreuseFancy Lipstick ChatreuseSuzani Chartreuse LipstickAlex Kiwi LipstickCass Kiwi LipstickLulu Lipstick ChartreuseOxygen LipstickPolka Dot Chartreuse

New Coastal Blue & Saffron Yellow Fabrics Added!/July 29, 2015

We found these gorgeous new fabrics being offered and we couldn’t help but offer them to our wonderful design inspired customers!  We are offering a variety of both traditional and nautical themed fabrics to help you create your perfect combination.   We will have a few new beds to post in this new colorway soon and I think you’ll just fall in love with them.  What gorgeous design can you create in this new classy colorway?

Sea Friends Coastal Blue Togo Spots Coastal Blue Sea Horse Coastal Blue Isadella Coastal Blue Canopy Coastal Blue Rhodes Coastal Blue Peru Coastal Blue Saffron Susette Coastal Blue Saffron

Custom Dog Beds to match your Décor/April 22, 2015

At J’adore Custom Pet Beds we specialize in Custom.  All of our beds are hand made just for you so we can make them almost any size and with a fabric that you provide.  Here is an example of one we sent out recently which turned out absolutely gorgeous.  The outside features a heavy weight chenille and the inside has a classy blue ikat style pattern.  Not only is it gorgeous but it will also match our customers decor perfectly.  The best of both worlds!

If you would like a custom bed made with fabric(s) that you provide then please contact us for a yardage and price estimate.  Our current turn around time is about 3 weeks.


Customer Provided Fabrics

Slub and Linen Fabrics Added/February 24, 2015

We couldn’t help ourselves!  We saw some more beautiful fabrics that we just couldn’t help but share with all of our customers.  We had 14 additional fabrics which are a thicker quality linen and slub called Cloud Linen.  For those who don’t want the bed to be bright and bold the Linen fabric would be perfect.  It’s perfect mix of subtle and class.  These fabrics as with all of our other ones are washable too!

Ozbourne Cloud Linen Cloud Linen Manchester Cloud Linen Suzani Cloud Linen Unprinted Linen

PenelopeHappy Dog Customer    Enzo






New Fabrics Added!/February 20, 2015

We are excited to announce that we have added new fabrics to our fabric collection!  Now you have new combinations that can be made at your fingertips.

The feature additional to our fabrics are in the Denton Fabric Collection, the taupe/linen style fabrics.  They feature a heavy duty 9.8oz material and they make a gorgeous looking bed!

Also, don’t forget that we have more fabrics available upon request.  So if you don’t see quite the right fabric just let us know what style & color of fabrics you are looking for and we can show you a few other options.

Design your custom pet bed that you can say you designed today
Cuddle Bed:
Throne Bed:
Rectangle Bed:
All Bed Options:


Bailey Black OatmealColonial Black LinenUnprinted LinenZippy Cloud DentonSailor BlackIkat Domino Slub CanalFeathers Slub CanalLulu Blue Chartreuse507 Fynn ChartreuseZazzle Blue ChartreuseEmbrace Slub Canal

Handmade Dog Beds with Customer Provided Fabrics/October 1, 2014

Would you like your dog bed to match the fabrics you already have on your sofa, chair or windows?  Then we can make it happen!  We specialize in handmade dog beds with Customer Provided Fabrics (COM) of all shapes and sizes.  We offer a standard array of 160+ fabrics to select from but we know sometimes that is not enough that is why we are more than happy to work with a fabric that you provide as well.

So how do you get started? Customer Provided Fabric COM polyfill
You can contact us through our Custom Bed Request Form letting us know you would like to provide the fabric.

We will need to know a little about the fabric(s) you are wanting to use.  Such as a picture and specifications.  The fabric specification can include such things as pattern repeat, fabric width, and direction (railroaded vs non-railroaded).  Generally we are able to get this information easily if you can provide a link to the fabric you are purchasing online.  If you already have the fabric then a picture can go a long way.  Fabrics can also be mailed directly to us so you don’t have to ship it to your house first.

Once we know the size, style of bed, and the fabric placement then we will let you know how many yards will be needed.  If there is any extra fabric we will mail it back with the completed bed.

A custom listings would be created for you which would includes all the details.

How long does it take?

Currently our beds are shipping out 3 weeks after the order is placed.  We just need to received your fabric within 2 weeks in order to keep that time frame.

Beds Created using Customer Provided Fabrics:

medium custom dog bed black blue              customer provided fabrics com edgy bedRectangle Dog Bed 32" x 40" Foam Camo


August – Favorite Custom Dog Bed Designs/September 4, 2014

It’s time to announce our favorite dog bed designs for the month of August. We aren’t able to post them all so we like to set aside a special little blog posts for our favorites.


1) luxury throne bed large 23″ x 36″ Luxury Throne Bed – This bed is ultra fun with it’s combination variation of Turquoise fabrics, not to mention the ultra plus center
Lucky New Owners: Mandy & her 2 lucky dogs Dakota & Lucy in North Carolina
Fabrics Used:
Inside: White Furry Fleece
Cording: Solid True Turquoise
Top Banding: Zig Zag True Turquoise
Rest of Bed: Lulu True Tuquoise



Small Cuddle Bed. Pink Orange Gray2) 22″ Cuddle Bed – This bed turned out great with it’s clever use of patterns and colors.
Lucky New Owners: Lauren and her lucky dog Callie
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Suzani Vine Sherbet
Inside Bolster: Gotcha Candy Pink
Cording: Solid Orange
Outside Bolster: SeeSaw Sherbet
Bottom Fabric: Towers Sherbet Orange



Medium Cuddle Pig Bed halloween3) 28″ Cuddle Bed – This bed was created with fabrics that were especially requested by the customer and it was themed off Wednesday on the Adam’s family.
Lucky New Owner: Wednesday, a very lucky little pig 🙂
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Special Customer Request
Cording: Solid Purple
Inside/Outside Bolster: Canopy Black/White
Bottom Fabric: Special Customer Request



XLarge Cuddle Dog Bed

4) 32″ x 40″ Cuddle Bed – This bed was made as a present to give to our customers friend who has a family of 5 Shih tzu. The patterns, color and embroidery work really well together and made for a beautiful bed.
Lucky New Owner: Leo, Penelope, Otis, Lupita, & Annabella
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Rosa Chili Pepper
Inside/Outside Bolster: Zazzle Chili Pepper
Bottom Fabric: Rosa Chili Pepper




Small Cuddle Bed Turquoise Yellow Chartreuse5) 22″ Cuddle Bed – You can’t beat the fun feel of this bed! It would make a statement in any room.
Lucky New Owner: Judy and her lucky new Maltipoo puppy
Fabrics Used:
Inside Center: Zig Zag True Turquoise
Inside Bolster: Suzani Corn Yellow
Cording: Zig Zag True Turquoise
Outside Bolster: Dandie Dot Chartreuse
Bottom Fabric: Lulu True Turquoise




Medium Cuddle Dog Bed Red Blue Black

5) 28″ Cuddle Bed – This bed features a great combination of colors and patterns.

Lucky New Owner: Liz & her lucky dogs Gordon & Sophia
Fabrics Used:
Inside/Bottom Center: Hartford Carmine
Inside Bolster: Classic Diamond Lipstick
Cording: Solid Black
Outside Bolster: Curtis Regitta


New Fabrics Added!/August 29, 2014

We are excited to announce that we added some new fabrics to our collection.  Now you have even more possible combinations at your fingertips to create your one of a kind custom pet bed.  All the fabrics that we offer 100% cotton and washable!

Also, don’t forget that we have more fabrics available upon request.  So if you don’t see quite the right fabric just let us know what style & color of fabrics you are looking for and we can show you a few other options.

To view all of our available fabrics go to:

623 Hartford Slub Canal 624 Zoom Zoom Slub Canal 636 Fynn Navy White 639 Isadella Premier Navy 640 Sea Friends Navy White 641 Nicole Navy White 642 Seahorse Navy White 372 Scribble Coral 101 Fynn Black White 100 Ozborne Black White 102 Zig Zag Black White

What’s Your Animal Personality?/July 9, 2014

animal personality
The Dog – Social butterflies, supporters…

So I stumbled across a quiz today that I think is a blast to take! It is called “What’s Your Animal Personality Type? They have 16 different animal types and after answering around 60 questions they tell you what animal personality you are.


See your animal personality here!

When you are done taking the test make sure to tell us what animal personality you are. So far everyone I know that has taken the test has been pretty much spot on with the animal they are matched to. I happened to be the Beaver, though not pretty did get my workaholic nature spot on 🙂


Tips to keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving/July 9, 2014

As we all know our pets, especially our dogs, love to eat people food and saying “no” to them can be hard. So here are a few tips to keep your pet safe this season so you can save yourself the worry of having to take your pet to the vet.

thanksgiving-dog-dinner1. Turkey Bones
Even though they seem like a somewhat harmless thing to feed your dog they are not. They can splinter in your pets throat, stomach or even intestines and cause serious complications. Instead try feeding a small piece of turkey that is free of any bone or skin and preferably white meat. This is easier and safer for them to digest and in small portions is just like giving them a special little treat.

2. Chocolate
This is one many of us already know that we should not feed our pets chocolate and would never do intentionally. But, what about your guest or kids who might leave their chocolate on a chair or on the edge of the counter? Some dogs are very tricky and will find a way to get it. I once had a cat who had a thing for chocolate and no matter where I put it he would get into it, until finally I had to hide it away in a jar. So be mindful to keep an eye out that your chocolate is not within reach of your beloved pet.

3. The Door
This is an easy one to forget but a quick way to ruin the holiday. When opening the door and coming in the house we may know that our dog loves to run out from time to time so we keep an eye out. But when our guest come over they may be coming through the door with their hands full and no clue that your dog loves to make a quick escape. So it’s always wise to either lock your dog up temporarily until all the guest arrive or keep a close on them. I don’t know about you but that would ruin my Thanksgiving if my little dog got out the door and even worse got lost or hit by a car. So keep an eye out on that door!

4. The Family
So we may have all eggs in a basket and know what to feed and not to feed our pets, your family or guest may not. They see this big beautiful hungry eyes looking at them begging for food and they just can’t resist giving your pet a little bite to eat. Even worse yet your pet may make there way around the table getting scrap after scrap of things they should not eat. So it is just as important to not only keep an eye on your pet but also your family!

5. The Counter
After the dinner and after everyone has left many times we are left with a mess which is easier to say I’ll mess with later than to conquer right then. But for our four legged friends who can get access to the counter this can be very dangerous and a free for all of foods they shouldn’t be eating. So at the very least, if your tired, get the food rinsed off the plates and put away so you can get rid of that temptation and danger.

6. Holiday Plants
We all love to decorate for the holiday but did you know that Poinsettias, holly berries, mistletoes and cedar Christmas trees were toxic to your dog? Well if you didn’t, now you know. So try to keep these plant away from your pets.

Have a Wonderful & Safe Thanksgiving!


Welcome!/July 9, 2014

It only seems fitting to kick off our first blog post with how J’adore Custom Pet Beds got to where it is today and where it is headed in the future.

The bed that started it all! Miya & her first bed.

The idea of J’adore came to me one day just after I got my dog Miya. I wanted a dog bed that matched my decor on top of being plush and comfortable for her as well. I looked around for a bed but couldn’t find anything I wanted. So I asked myself, “Why couldn’t I make my own dog a bed?” Having worked for a seasoned upholsterer for many years as the head seamstress I knew I could make my own. So I found fabric that I recently used to upholster my chairs with and found some ultra soft fabric for the inside. I then began contemplating how I would want the bed to look and ultimately came up with my cuddle bed. It came out perfect and Miya loved it too!

Then just a few weeks later out of the blue I had a good customer of ours at the upholstery shop ask me to make her a dog bed for her 2 little ones. I thought, well I just made a bed for Miya, so what’s one more? So I made her a cuddle bed that matched some outdoor cushions that we were doing for her. It turned out so cute and she loved it. That’s when the light bulb popped over my head, “Why not start offering custom pet beds?”

But I didn’t want to offer any run-of-the-mill pet bed–I wanted to offer the highest quality pet bed you could find and then let the customer customize it. So starting with my cuddle bed I wanted it to not only be cute but also “flippable” and I wanted the cover to be removable and washable. Well the first bed I created did not offer those things so after a couple mock-ups I came up with my current bed style today that is flippable with 5 concealed zippers so the insert is removable and the cover is washable. I ended up doing this process with every style of bed I offer but also started applying principles I used for making complicated upholstery patterns to make these bed covers practical, washable and beautiful. I also sew every bed with the same material and equipment used on upholstery cushions so these beds are sewn to quality and will hold up.

Our doors officially opened on July 31, 2012 and we have grown leaps and bounds since. We have now made beds for lots of lucky pets all over the USA as well as Canada, Portugal, and Australia which is so exciting and rewarding! I feel like it’s a dream come true that I can make works of art and create a beautiful comfortable bed for everyone’s loved ones.

Please check our blog often for up to date information and Specials!


We love it! :)/July 9, 2014

I cannot thank you enough! I will ONLY order beds from you. I even posted a pic on Facebook and people have been asking me where I got Gianni’s Bed! You are amazing.  We love it! 🙂

-Lisa K. – Lone Tree, CO
January 28, 2014

The quality of the bed is amazing/May 2, 2013

Thank you so much for the beautiful bed! Murphy LOVES it already! It was so sweet of you to send dog treats as well 🙂

The quality of the bed is amazing and I love having the option to reverse it if I want to change it up a little! I am so glad I made this purchase!

-Candice M. – Greenville, NC
May 2, 2013