Beach Coastal Nautical Inspired Designs

Summer is here! So today we are featuring some of our favorite Beach Coastal Nautical bed designs.

To design your bed, select a combination of beach, coastal and nautical themed fabrics along with other coordinating patterns to create the perfect look.

Adding a bold stripe to the mix will give it that classy modern feel, while adding our ZigZag, Nicole or Fynn patterns will give it that extra wow factor.

You could try contrasting colors like navy/coral, blue/red, or gray/yellow. Combinations don’t have to end there as we offer a wide range of patterns and colors to pick from. If a pattern is not in your preferred color, please let us know as it may be available.

We hope these bed designs will inspire you to make your very own beach, coastal and nautical themed bed!

cuddle bed 18 nautical anchor blue red white thumbnail
16″ x 18″ Cuddle Bed -Sailor Ash/Slub, Canopy Blue, Solid Red, Zig Zag Lipstick
28" x 36" Sea Themed Nautical Blue Coral
28″ x 36″ Cuddle Bed – Shells Coral, Nicole Premier Navy, Solid Navy, Zig Zag Coral & Sea Friend Premier Navy
28" x 36" Sea Themed Nautical Blue Coral
28″ x 36″ Cuddle Bed – Sea Horse Premier Navy, Zig Zag Coral, Solid Navy, Sea Friends Premier Navy,Arrow Coral
Nautical Sea Themed Dog Bed Outdoor
22″ Cuddle Bed – Berlin Oxford, Fynn Oxford, Stripe Calypso, Sea Horse Oxford, Isadella